MW Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748 – Greeting Divine Dream

For 50,000 years, Mo Brightmoon had been constantly worried over her big sister.

She used all sorts of ways and means to find her, but just how vast was the Divine Realm and the three thousand boundless worlds of the lower realms? To look for a single person, that couldn’t even be called something as simple as finding a needle in a haystack.

In addition, there was also Tian Mingzi. His existence forced Mo Brightmoon to hide her status, making her search even more fruitless.

“Big Sister is actually cultivating at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace… I wonder just what realm her strength has reached…”

Mo Brightmoon was happy for her big sister from the depths of her heart. She also took joy in the fact that her big sister had met Lin Ming.

And at this time, several white-clothed women flew out from Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, welcoming Lin Ming and Mo Brightmoon.

“Sir Lin, Honorable Master invites your presence.”

The white-clothed woman in the lead had a World King cultivation.

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, there were only a mere several hundred disciples. Compared to the super large influences of the Divine Realm who often had a hundred billion plus disciples and clansmen, their numbers simply weren’t worth mentioning at all.

However, the disciples of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace were the elites amongst all proud daughters of heaven....

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