MW Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747 – Xiao Moxian’s Worries

“What is wrong with me…?”

Sitting in meditation, Xiao Moxian opened her eyes. She found that she was wet with sweat and even her forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

This was not due to tiredness from meditation, but because of weakness!

Her body was weakening, causing her to sweat!

“What is happening?”

Xiao Moxian’s eyebrows pressed together. At such a critical moment how could she encounter such a strange occurrence?

With Xiao Moxian’s cultivation and strength, although she couldn’t fight Lin Ming in a head-on battle, that was only compared to him. Amongst others of her generation, Xiao Moxian was a crane amongst chickens; no one could hope to be her opponent.

Along with the pure yang energy she had absorbed from Lin Ming and her heaven-defying half-phoenix body, her blood vitality was extremely powerful. Let alone sitting in meditation for an entire day, she could easily handle fighting all day and all night.

But now, the more she sat in meditation, the more tired she became. All of the strength she...

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