MW Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745 – Return to the Divine Realm

A boundless starry sky, limitless, without end.

Somewhere in this vast space, at this moment, a giant space distortion appeared. Space split open and a space storm rushed out from the crack, followed by two women and one man.

These three people were Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Mo Brightmoon.

After all these years, Lin Ming had finally returned to the Divine Realm – this was the homeland of humanity.

Feeling the extremely familiar world Laws around him, Lin Ming took a deep breath, filled with emotion. It felt as if everything he had known was a lifetime ago.

But compared to Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian was actually ecstatic. Facing the endless void, her childlike playfulness came back in full force. She placed her hands near her mouth and shouted out as loud as she could in the void, “I’ve returned! I, Ji Xian’er, have finally returned!”

Empty space originally had no medium to carry sound waves, but, Xiao Moxian was able to use the power of Space Laws and move space, using space fluctuations as the medium for communication and allowing her voice to travel out for...

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