MW Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744 – Leaving the Asura Road

Because of Shadow Overflow’s sudden attack, the entire chamber was turned burning hot. And when this energy burned through the demonic tattoos that covered Lin Ming’s body and was released from the control of Shadow Overflow’s soul force, it began to rapidly spread everywhere.

Flames spread all around, burning up the entire chamber, turning it into a conflagration of hell.

The young maid that had been tossed on Shadow Overflow’s bed cried out in alarm. Her clothes had caught fire and she would soon be swallowed up by the tongues of fire.

With her cultivation, it was naturally impossible for her to resist the shockwaves from the fires.

Seeing this, Lin Ming frowned. He flicked a finger and a rune came whistling out, covering the maid. After the rune absorbed all of the flames it transported her far outside.

Shadow Overflow saw all of this happen. A severe and mercilessly cold light flashed in his eyes, “You dare to divert your attention at such a time? Die!”

Shadow Overflow shouted out loud. He grasped three divine runic symbols from his spatial ring and threw them towards Lin Ming.

These three divine runic symbols all formed different shapes as they...

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