MW Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743 – Killing Shadow Overflow

Although Darktide City was in name a city, the truth was that it encompassed a massive region. Within this region were innumerable gangs of murderers, robbers, various influences, and even dark divine runic masters.

Tigerhunt Cave was located beneath Sunflare Mountain at the very center of Darktide City.

When the last rays of blood red light struck Sunflare Mountain, waves of glorious light would emit from the base of the mountain.

As if daytime was rising where the light came from.

If one looked carefully, they would see that this brilliant daylight was composed of countless divine runic symbols.

This formed an extremely formidable tidal wave of defense.

The giant Tigerhunt Cave was carved into the mountainside. It was over 10,000 feet wide.

Magnificent structures towered into the skies, illuminated with candle-like lights all over. It was a beautiful and enchanting sight.

The massive structural complex had no guards. From within, one could only hear the laughs and frolicking screams of women.

A hundred meters from the periphery of Tigerhunt Cave, Lin Ming circled around a rocky peak.

Beneath the waves of light from the divine runic symbols, his figure...

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