MW Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742 – To Settle All Ties

A short time after being transmitted from the final trial, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian found each other. Then they contacted Mo Brightmoon and met up. Together, the three of them used the Asura Command to leave the Asura Sea. At this time, the people above the Asura Sea didn’t even know that Lin Ming had created a miracle of obtaining a 92% completion rate.

Lin Ming quietly left, not wanting to stand atop the waves of attention. When the exit passage of the final trial opened, influences from all over would gather and there would likely be some people intending to plot against him. He naturally didn’t want to be targeted by these people.

The final trial had already ended and now he planned to return to the Divine Realm in the near future. But before doing that, there was a matter he needed to finish.

This matter was only a matter of convenience for Lin Ming, but it could also give him decent benefits. To him, this could be considered his final mark in his adventures through the Asura Road.

One month later, Setting Sun City –

Setting Sun City was located in a remote area of the inner Asura Road. However, there were some nearby areas that were rich in spiritual...

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