MW Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741 – Law Proclamation

A completion rate of 92%. This couldn’t even be described as a legend. It was simply outrageous.

Imagine. A future True Divinity needed 85%-87%. This was completely different from 92%.

Whether it was 70 to 80, or 80 to 90, there was a distance as great as the heavens and earth between them. It was almost impossible to look up at a score as high as 92%

“Impossible! You must have made a mistake!”

High Prince White Feather looked towards that Senior-apprentice Brother Yang with disbelief.

Senior-apprentice Brother Yang coldly said, “What meaning is there in me lying to you… moreover, many people will know of this soon. Even if I lie, it will be seen through. Also, once the final trial ends, those with a completion rate surpassing 80% will have their names inscribed with lines of the Heavenly Dao. You can naturally see it for yourself.”

The final completion rate for trial challengers had never been a secret. Part of the reason was that trial challengers spread out the information themselves, but another reason was that these results were shown through the world Laws, especially for those with high completion rates. For instance, in the past Sheng Mei and the Good Fortune...

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