MW Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740 – Legend

“What did you say?” Imperial Scholar Sun’s eyes widened as he glowered at the disciples of Heaven Union Divine Kingdom.

“I said that the Divine Void Third Crown Prince has also gone missing and neither he nor our Senior-apprentice Brother Bigflame have been seen since the fourth level. From Senior’s response, it seems that the Third Crown Prince hasn’t appeared yet. If so… then… his fate is likely no better…”

A Heaven Union Divine Kingdom disciple said. But, his words had touched upon Imperial Scholar Sun’s reverse scale.

Imperial Scholar Sun hissed, “Stop speaking nonsense!”

Although his words were rough, a strong sense of unease had appeared in his mind. Even though the disciples of Heaven Union Divine Kingdom were hostile towards the Divine Void Divine Kingdom, he didn’t think that they would speak recklessly about such things, because these types of matters were too easily seen through. If they were to speak lies then their words would eventually come back to haunt them.

The several disciples of Heaven Union Divine Kingdom had ‘believe it or not’ expressions on their faces and didn’t argue back. At this time, someone standing near Imperial Scholar Sun said, “Lord Imperial Scholar, Senior-apprentice Brother Yang has...

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