Chapter 174 - Sorcerer Pagoda’s Secret

Chapter 174 Sorcerer Pagoda’s Secret.


Chapter 174 – Sorcerer Pagoda’s Secret

When each person entered into the pagoda, would they also undergo a similar evaluation? Did they have to meet the so-called ‘admission requirement’?

A series of questions popped up in Lin Ming’s mind. At this moment, the scenery around him began to suddenly twist. Immediately after, Lin Ming felt dizzy. It was as if his body was a piece of cotton that was sent blowing into the wind.

His body felt weightless, and his organs seemed as if they had been twisted several times in space. This sort of uncomfortable feeling really made one want to puke.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Ming felt as if he were dropping, and finally fell upon the hard ground. He reached out his hands to feel the floor; the ground was actually hot to the touch with a sort of scalding heat.

“Is this… the inner tower within the Sorcerer Pagoda?”

Lin Ming rubbed his aching head as he looked up. He was somewhat surprised to see that in this land within the Sorcerer Pagoda, the surroundings were like a blood drenched world.

In the vast expanse of this world, every rock was red, the ground was barren and desolate, and not too far away there were large bloody lakes. In the lakes there were giant bubbles of hot gas forming, and a smell of blood was thick in the ai...

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