MW Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739 – The Exit Opens

Facing High Prince White Feather’s taunting words, Imperial Scholar Sun cackled. His fingers rhythmically tapped on the armrest as he leisurely said, “There is no need to speak so arrogantly, otherwise the one who will have to leave from shame might be you.”

Whether it was Heaven Union Divine Kingdom’s Bigflame or Divine Void Divine Kingdom’s Third Crown Prince, both were amongst the most outstanding young disciples of their generation. In the future it was likely they would become Empyreans.

In this final trial, except for the anomaly known as Sheng Mei, everything was theirs for the taking. Whether it was High Prince White Feather or Imperial Scholar Sun, they both had absolute confidence in their influence’s disciples.

“Hahaha!” High Prince White Feather laughed. “Very good! Then, let us take a good look at whether the Third Crown Prince or Bigflame has a higher completion percentage! However, I only fear that your joy will turn to sorrow. If there is anything that might have happened to your precious disciples… hehe!”

“That is what I am cautioning you about. Since ancient times, it has been common for peak disciples to perish in the final trial. If Nephew Bigflame were to recklessly try to show off his power...

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