MW Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 – Three Years

Lin Ming had already decided his plans. Until the time within the final trial came to an end, he would stay in the sixth level and study the Asura Sutra.

In any case, this was the sixth level reward space. No matter who was at the sixth level they would have their own lucky chance. Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to find Xiao Moxian for some time nor was he worried for her because the sixth level simply didn’t have any dangers.

As for the seventh level, if he couldn’t go there then it was definitely impossible for others.

Lin Ming focused all of his attention on the ancient bronze book. As his thoughts moved, his entire being floated up until he was a mere 10 feet away from the bronze book. He could feel the powerful soul aura emanating from the words.

As his mind was immersed in the Asura Sutra, Lin Ming could feel the words filled with a thick demonic energy rush towards him, as if each word was an imposing demon god.

Seemingly because he had...

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