MW Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736 – The Second Avatar

Immersed in the world of consciousness, engaged in combat with the remnant souls of ancient races, Lin Ming remained motionless where he was. Like this, a month passed.

Through the endless slaughter, Lin Ming’s face would often turn white and many times blood would seep out of his nostrils and ears. Whenever this occurred, a blue light would flash out within Lin Ming’s world of consciousness, cutting all like a divine sword. This was Lin Ming’s large success blue soul battle spirit.


The prolonged war became increasingly fierce, increasingly brutal. A massive number of ancient remnant souls were cut down and slain by Lin Ming’s blue soul battle spirit!

Each ancient sovereign’s resentment was sundered by Lin Ming’s soul force. However, these residual resentments were extremely tenacious; even if they were sliced in two they could still stitch themselves back together and rush at Lin Ming.

In the air, pestilent black dragons flew about, their mountain range-like bodies buffeting the Heretical God Tree. Branches entangled the giant black dragons, pulling them in. If it wasn’t a black dragon being torn to shreds of pitch black soul force, then it was branches and leaves being chewed up.

Countless heavenly tribulation flames and heavenly tribulation thunder crashed together, annihilating enemies and dissipating.


Month after month passed. Slowly, blood no longer dripped down from Lin Ming’s nose and the corners of his mouth. The pure brilliance in his eyes became increasingly bright.

On this day, Lin Ming suddenly roared out loud. His statue-like body emitted a thick black gas.

This black gas shot out from every pore of his body whereupon it began to disintegrate in the void.

As it was destroyed, one could hear mournful grieving cries.

The demon king body in front of him, formed from resentment-filled souls, began to break down.

Within Lin Ming’s originally motionless pupils, flashes of purple lightning shined once more. The blue soul battle spirit that was probing the divine soul avatar began to struggle again, accompanied with raging heavenly tribulation fire and endless heavenly tribulation thunder!

Suddenly, an overwhelmingly monstrous hatred began to sweep out from the black fog around the divine soul avatar.

This hatred was like a poison dragon, breaking into Lin Ming’s sea of consciousness and turning his heart cold.

In this mass of chaos, a figure of black fog appeared. It shot out strands of soul force that were like snakes, attacking Lin Ming.

“Mm? This divine soul avatar also has wisdom of its own!”

Upon discovering this, Lin Ming’s eyes shined with a cold light. He had even forcefully crushed the remnant resentment of the ancient divine sovereigns, so why would he be afraid of this little spiritual wisdom of the divine soul avatar?

With a loud cry, a terrifying sword of thunder and fire shot out from his eyes, slashing through the void and slicing the enemy’s soul force into countless fragments.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Several agonized cries echoed out from the divine soul avatar. Then, the last of its resistance vanished.

Lin Ming’s entire body was like a cannonball as it hurtled into the divine soul avatar.

He only felt a buzzing in his mind as a dark soul force spread throughout his entire sea of consciousness.

This soul force shimmered, exuding the endless pressure of a king.

There were countless mystical runes left behind from ancient times. They were hidden in the pitch black soul force, emitting an infinite strength that shocked the heart.

Within his sea of consciousness, his life spirit began to create an avatar that resembled a stark naked Lin Ming – this was his life spirit avatar.

As this life spirit avatar appeared, all sorts of strange and mysterious strengths gushed out from its body.

This life spirit avatar rose from the ground and then rushed into the divine soul avatar, sinking into it.

It was unknown how many souls of ancient kings had been used to create this divine soul avatar, but it was surely an incredible number.

If Lin Ming wanted to fuse his vital soul force into it, it would undoubtedly be astronomically difficult.

Outside in the real world, Lin Ming fell into a petrified state once more.

Every pore of his body began shooting out arcs of black light.

Within his pupils, billions upon billions of ancient runes appeared, gathering and dissipating, gradually spreading throughout his entire body from his flesh to his bones to even his divine soul.

This process continued for an unknown length of time. Slowly, Lin Ming opened his eyes. Where his pupils had been, two pitch black vortexes swirled, revolving with soul force.

Majestic black light burst out from every inch of his body, winding about his body like wandering dragons.

In the space before him, the black lights gathered until finally all of the black light had flowed out from his body.

Slowly, someone appeared in front of Lin Ming. This figure’s body was as black as ink and their smile and face were exactly the same as Lin Ming’s.

However, this pitch black Lin Ming’s face was dim and blurry like the rippling surface of a lake; it wasn’t a clear sight.

As this black Lin Ming raised his hands, dense substantialized soul force rose about him. Mystical power surged out from his body. The body of this black Lin Ming actually exuded a dense evil aura!

Lin Ming’s first avatar was the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. Its blood vitality had been vigorous and potent, like an unrivalled war god.

But this second avatar was the Soul Springs Divine Embryo. Its body billowed with demonic energy like an ancient fierce demon. Its eyes were as dark as the abyss, seeming to absorb all light reflected within them.

If a martial artist with insufficient cultivation were to look into the eyes of this Soul Springs Divine Embryo, they would feel their soul fall into illusion, as if they were trapped in an endless abyss.

“I’ve finally succeeded!”

Lin Ming let out a long breath. By dividing a part of his life spirit as the foundation, absorbing the soul force left behind by the ancient kings, as well as using the imprisoning array formation left behind by the Asura Road Master, he had been able to form his divine soul avatar.

Because his life spirit essence was left within the divine soul avatar, Lin Ming could clearly feel that the divine soul avatar’s strength was as deep and vast as the sea; it was a truly formidable force.

With a thought, the divine soul avatar divided again and again. From one to two, from two to four… finally, 16 black Lin Mings appeared, all of them exactly alike.

The divine soul avatar had no true substantial body so it was possible for Lin Ming to have it split apart. However, each copy only had a sixteenth of the original’s power.

Lin Ming was overjoyed. As long as this divine soul avatar existed, even if his own life spirit had received heavy damage he could still absorb the power of his divine soul avatar to rapidly regenerate.

In battle, when facing the spiritas, this would be a tremendously useful ability.

It had to be known that generally speaking, one’s soul force was far more difficult to restore than the physical body. When one’s body was harmed, as long as their source essence wasn’t damaged then they could rapidly recover.

But if one were to lose their soul force, they could only practice a cultivation method like the one that Empyrean Divine Mist left behind and slowly recover.

Now, he had this divine soul avatar that possessed such exuberant soul force. In the future he could even gradually expand the divine soul avatar’s strength.

In theory, the more powerful the divine soul avatar was, the more times it could divide itself.

With another thought, all of these divine soul avatars rushed into Lin Ming’s body.


As these divine soul avatars shot towards him, one of them held a halberd filled with the aura of an ancient king, boundless like a dragon, as it leapt back into Lin Ming. This caused Lin Ming to pale, his body slightly shivering.

Although there was some pain, he still had a happy expression on his face.

Just now, he had used this divine soul avatar as a weapon to attack his own soul. He wanted to test the striking power of the divine soul avatar and the results had left him pleasantly surprised. His soul force was already powerful but this divine soul avatar was still able to pierce through his defenses. Even so, because their souls originated from the same source, there were no true injuries.

In the attack just now, Lin Ming could faintly feel that there were still some anomalies left in the divine soul avatar. A tiny portion of the ancient sovereigns’ remnant souls remained within. It would take some time to completely refine them.

In order to thoroughly take hold of this divine soul avatar, it would require time to completely fuse with it.

After obtaining the divine soul avatar, the black fog of soul force in the ancient bronze coffin began to dissipate.

All around, the entire world fell into a deathly silence.

Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry to leave. His eyes fell onto the mountain-like ancient bronze book before him.

“Sheng Mei said that this final trial would last for several years. Sometimes, it would be normal for someone to be stranded in a level. However, in five years, the final trial’s exit would open and all trial challengers would be forcefully cast out…

“This Asura Sutra Volume Two is vast and incomprehensible, filled with an endless variation of subtle mysteries… since I cannot bring this out and there is still some time until the five year deadline to leave the final trial, I might as well stay here to further comprehend the Asura Sutra. This is my great lucky chance, I must understand as much as possible since I won’t have another chance to look once I leave…”

Feeling the boundless aura exuding from the ancient bronze book, Lin Ming was filled with regret. He couldn’t bring the Asura Sutra out with him and thus the amount he could learn was limited.

When it came to the Asura Sutra that was the Asura Road Master’s inheritance, he didn’t dare to slack at all.


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