MW Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 – Soul Spring Divine Embryo

The appearance of the emperor jades also announced that Lin Ming’s adventure through the final trial had come to an end. No matter what, it was impossible for him to find the third emperor jade any time soon.

With this, his final trial completion percentage was 92.

The truth was that in the trial of the fifth level, Lin Ming hadn’t been able to perfectly complete it. In the end, he was simply too young and his comprehension of Laws was lacking. After he became a World King or Empyrean and then returned to the final trial once more, he might be able to perfectly complete the fifth level.

As these thoughts raced through his mind, Lin Ming stepped in front of the ancient bronze coffin. He placed his hand on the coffin lid, his body straining as it bent like a bow.

His muscles tensed and strength surged from his feet. Lin Ming pushed open the ancient coffin’s lid once more, thoroughly opening it.

The moment that the ancient coffin was opened, Lin Ming took a deep breath and drew backwards. The Phoenix Blood Spear had already leapt into his hands.

A raging strength surged in Lin Ming’s meridians. He looked at the ancient coffin with his guard up in order to prevent any possible dangers.

The heavy ancient coffin quietly...

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