MW Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734 – Emperor Jade

Pressing his hands over the lid of the ancient bronze coffin, Lin Ming released the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Strength erupted within his body, rising to tens of billions of jins. With a loud rumbling sound, the dustless lid that had lain over the ancient bronze coffin for billions of years was pushed open by Lin Ming!

And as Lin Ming pushed open the cover, the entire sixth level began to shake, as if some ancient great beast was awakening here!

Ka ka ka!

The ground shook and everything began to collapse in massive tracts, revealing a pitch black abyss. And from this abyss, a massive black divine stone slowly rose out.

This is…

Lin Ming’s mind shook. Unconsciously, his hands stopped pushing open the ancient coffin’s lid. His eyes looked down and fixed upon that massive black divine stone. This black divine stone was clearly a sculpture, and one that he had seen before! This sculpture was the same as the giant stone sculpture in the Asura level Gate of Laws....

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