MW Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733 – ‘Divine’

“Bronze coffin…”

Looking at the ancient bronze coffin behind the bronze book, Lin Ming’s first thought was of the ancient bronze coffin within the immortal temple and the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that had been sealed within.

Could there be a similar avatar within this one?

This thought inevitably crossed Lin Ming’s mind. The Asura Sutra that the Asura Road Master created covered a breadth of Laws that was far too vast to imagine. Inevitably, there was a situation where there were Laws that were not suitable for the Asura Road Master to cultivate.

The 33 Heavenly Daos were all-encompassing. There were cultivation methods more suited for the spiritas and cultivation methods more suited for the saints.

No matter how heaven-defying one’s physique was, it was impossible for a singular person to cultivate all Laws.

Thus, even if one spent 100 million years cultivating certain Laws, one still might not have any noticeable achievements in them.

Even the Asura Road Master wasn’t able to avoid such a situation. Thus, the Asura Road Master created a system of avatars. By using his source essence, energy, or divine, or even all sorts of heavenly materials,...

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