MW Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732 – The Sixth Level


For a time, all the trial challengers fell quiet. Although they had already thought that Lin Ming’s completion percentage would surpass 90%, after confirming this result, they still felt shocked and found it difficult to respond.

He had really surpassed 90%!

Disregarding 90, even 85 was incredibly rare in the world. Before, in the eyes of the trial challengers, 85 was a nearly unachievable goal.


Sheng Mei took a deep breath, her eyes looking at Lin Ming. Lin Ming had surpassed 90%. This was a result she had already expected.

For the gap between 89 and 90, Lin Ming had already taken the first step and crossed it.

“You’re three points higher than me… but in the Gate of Laws, your completion percentage was higher than mine by five points…”

Logically speaking, when passing through the fifth level and killing the fifth level Overlord, Sheng Mei’s contributions...

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