MW Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731 – Lin Ming’s Completion Percent

Sheng Mei stretched out her pure white hands and cradled the Undying Polar Ice’s soul fire.

She cultivated the Ice Laws and had an extremely keen insight into the power of ice. She could feel that the Undying Polar Ice’s soul fire in her hands possessed an incredibly pure and potent essence of ice. Although she had attainments in the Ice Laws and had absorbed many ice-attribute heavenly materials, none of those heavenly materials were able to compare to the current soul fire in her hands.

The rewards that the Asura Road Master left behind were truly extraordinary!

Taking a deep breath, Sheng Mei received the Undying Polar Ice’s soul fire. She truly did need this. With this soul fire, she had hopes that her strength would be able to rise in a short period of time. This would create a much better foundation for when she had to step into the Grand Reincarnation Art’s seventh revolution.

And at this time, within Lin Ming’s hands, there was still one more soul fire. This soul fire originated from the Undying Inferno and was the polar opposite of the Undying Polar Ice. The heat emanating from this soul fire was astonishing, strong enough that it seemed as if it would melt down the void.

Lin Ming’s fingers moved and he formed runes of the Asura Heavenly Dao to completely seal the Undying Inferno’s soul fire. Then, he flicked his fingers and this soul fire flew towards Xiao Moxian.

“Xian’er, this soul fire is for you.”

The ball of flames fluttered through the air and into Xiao Moxian’s hands.

Xiao Moxian’s pitch black eyes shined as she stared at the soul fire in front of her. She could sense a strong attraction from it, as if its attributes were simply tailor-made for her.

Xiao Moxian’s God Beast bloodline originated from the Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix originally represented the idea of destruction, and this Undying Inferno’s soul fire also contained the attribute of destruction!

As long as she absorbed this soul fire then she could complete her third nirvana in a short period of time, allowing her strength to further increase and break into the Holy Lord realm.

However, Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Ming and hesitated for a moment. “Big Brother Lin, you also cultivate the Fire Laws. If your heavenly tribulation fire absorbs this soul fire it will likely evolve once more. If you give this to me then there’s nothing left for you.

“Moreover… you have to open the third Dao Palace soon. If I remember correctly, the third Dao Palace is the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, and you need to form the foundation of the Dao Palace with the source energies within you. Big Brother Lin’s two source energies should be fire and thunder, but in order to continue you will need a top grade Thunder Source and top grade Fire Elemental to form the foundation of the third Dao Palace. This Undying Inferno’s soul fire is just perfect for that.”

As Xiao Moxian spoke, Lin Ming shook his head, “When I form the foundation for the Extreme Polar Dao Palace, it’s enough for me to use an Empyrean level Fire Elemental and Thunder Source. As for the Undying Inferno’s soul fire, the truth is that it isn’t a Fire Elemental at all, and its characteristics are too strong. Trying to use it to form the foundation for the Extreme Polar Dao Palace is far too wasteful. Moreover, I would need to find a Thunder Source on the same level which would be nearly impossible.”

Currently, the soul fire in Xiao Moxian’s palm could be considered peak True Divinity in grade.

If Lin Ming used such precious flames to form a part of the third Dao Palace’s foundation, that was simply wasting the treasures of heaven.

Moreover, Lin Ming dual cultivated fire and thunder. If his attributes were imbalanced then that wouldn’t be good for him at all.

Rather, if he were to leave it to Xiao Moxian, someone who only cultivated the Fire Laws, then she would be able to display the peak potential of this soul fire!

And… the more powerful Xiao Moxian was, the more advantages Lin Ming would have when they dual cultivated.

As Lin Ming said this, Xiao Moxian didn’t decline any more. She carefully took the sealed soul fire and put it away. As for the Fire Elemental that Lin Ming needed for the third Dao Palace, Xiao Moxian also seemed to have some possible ideas…

At this time, Lin Ming turned to everyone else. He said, “I’m sorry… the fifth level Overlord only left behind two treasures. After dividing them, there isn’t anything left for you all… if I find some precious spirit treasures or materials from the next level, I will offer them to you all first. What do you think?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s apologetic tone, Fanny Fafa chuckled. “Brother Lin, where do those words come from? In truth, from start to finish we haven’t been able to help much at all, especially me. Even if I did help several times, what I used were Brother Lin’s divine runic symbols. At the end, we all had to depend on Brother Lin, the Soul Empress, and Miss Xian’er in order to bring down the fifth level Overlord. Basically, all of us have already benefited far more than we put in. Not only did our completion percentage increase considerably but we also have a chance of experiencing the legendary sixth level. If any of us were to think of divvying up your treasures at this time then our facial skin would be far too thick.”

Everyone approved of Fanny Fafa’s words. In the battle, they had only been able to play a limited role. It was fine for Lin Ming to be polite to them, but it went against all their morals to take advantage of the situation and demand treasures.

To be able to obtain more completion percentage was something they were more than satisfied with. As for those eight trial challengers that had withdrawn earlier and thus didn’t participate in bringing down the Undying Polar Ice, all of them had despondent expressions and were sick with regret.

As everyone was discussing rewards, another piece of information appeared in their minds. And, this information was their current completion percentage after striking down the fifth level Overlord!

Immediately, everyone held their breath, their minds alert.

If everything went as expected, this completion percentage would be their final result. None of them thought they would be able to pass the sixth level.

Lin Ming also focused his mind and carefully listened to his own completion percentage. He didn’t know what his performance in the fifth level was like. The final trial was just far too difficult; he didn’t have any hopes that he would be able to perfectly complete it.

Lin Ming looked up and subconsciously glanced at Sheng Mei. He saw that Sheng Mei was also looking at him.

Two pairs of eyes met. Sheng Mei faintly smiled and didn’t speak. It was clear that they were both curious as to what the other’s result was.

The results were soon confirmed. Everyone glanced at each other, a happy expression on their faces.

“What are all your completion percentages?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

“I am 71%. That’s far better than what I was thinking!”

Fanny Fafa was the first to speak. As long as one could obtain at least 70%, that was an extremely good result.

If Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince hadn’t been massacred by Lin Ming on the fourth level, their final completion percentage might be around 75.

Only an unrivalled genius of an entire race would be able to surpass 80%.

“Mine is 72%...”

“Mine is 70%...”

Mo Brightmoon and Suya each said. When they passed through the Gate of Laws, their completion percentage was in the thirties. After passing through the fourth level and the Divine Seal Altar, their completion percentage grew by another 26-27%. As for the fifth level, they obtained less than 10% for defeating the Undying Inferno and Undying Polar Ice. This was because their contributions to the battle weren’t too much.

Even so, they were more than satisfied. Their completion percentage from the fifth floor was like a free reward. If it weren’t for Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, they wouldn’t have received anything at all.

Everyone looked at Moonpond and Soulsky. The two of them seemed to have an amazing background and their talent was superb. Their completion percentage should be relatively high.


“Mine is 78%.”

The two people spoke. Moonpond’s completion percentage was a point higher than Soulsky’s. This was because Moonpond’s supportive cultivation method had played a significant role in defending against the Undying Polar Ice.

Then, there was Dragonscar.

His completion percentage was 79, just shy of reaching 80.

“What a pity…”

Someone said.

Dragonscar shook his head. “It’s not a pity at all. If Lin Ming didn’t kill the Undying Polar Ice then my score would have been at most 76%...”

As Dragonscar spoke, he turned Lin Ming. What he was interested in the most was what Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, and Xiao Moxian’s final scores were.

Without a doubt, all three of them should surpass 85%.

In fact, when the Undying Inferno transformed into the Undying Polar Ice, Lin Ming’s completion percentage was already 85. As for Sheng Mei, she was just a tad over Lin Ming, with 86%!

This time, it was hard to imagine how high their completion percentage would go… would it possibly be at 90%?

This incredulous thought immediately flashed through many people’s minds.

Everyone held their breath and there was even a bit of awe as they looked at Lin Ming. 90%, that was truly a myth! It could be said someone who was bound to become a True Divinity would reach around 85, 87, or 88%.

It was also because of this that they all faintly felt that wanting to reach 90% was just impossible.

“Xian’er, what did you get?” Lin Ming looked at Xiao Moxian.

“87…” Xiao Moxian smoothed out her hair and chuckled, revealing two cute canines as she smiled at Lin Ming.

This number left everyone sucking in a breath of cold air.

87%. Without a doubt, that was truly at the level to become a True Divinity. In other words, the young black-clothed girl that stood beside Lin Ming would become a True Divinity in the future!

Although no one was surprised by this result, to have the final trial approve and recognize this result, everyone still found it hard to accept.

This was because in their original impression, this black-clothed girl was only Lin Ming’s woman. And if his woman was so powerful, how could there still be any justice left in the world!

“Soul Empress?”

Lin Ming looked at Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei thought for a moment and then calmly said, “I have two points more than Miss Xian’er.”


Someone cried out in shock. This number was just one point from reaching 90%!

“Too great!” Dragonscar couldn’t help but grip his fists behind Sheng Mei, excited from his heart. It had to be known that Sheng Mei was only in her sixth revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art. At this pace, she would be able to break past 90% during her seventh revolution.

As for the eighth and ninth revolution, that would be even higher!

Sheng Mei could clearly see Dragonscar’s thoughts. She shook her head, saying, “You’re overthinking this. Even during my seventh revolution it will be impossible for me to break this record. During the seventh revolution, if I come alone it will be impossible for me to kill the fifth level Overlord. And if I ask someone to help, our completion percentage will inevitably be divided, thus 89% is already my limit. The only exception is if… I can perfectly pass the Asura level Gate of Laws…”

As Sheng Mei spoke, everyone was left flabbergasted. Sheng Mei said she was stuck at 89%. Although this was only a single percent from 90, the truth was that this single percent was a massive gap!

Thus it could be seen just how great the disparity was from a completion percentage in the eighties and one at 90.

As everyone was thinking this, they recalled Sheng Mei’s words and seemed to remember something. They all looked towards Lin Ming.

When Sheng Mei said that she would need to perfectly pass the Asura level Gate of Laws to reach 90%... hadn’t Lin Ming passed through that!?

If so…

“Sir Lin, your completion percentage…”

Suya’s voice trembled as she asked this.

Lin Ming took a light breath and then said, “My completion percentage is… 92%.”

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