MW Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730 – Souls of Ice and Fire

After the ice egg shattered, the scattered pieces of crushed ice were swallowed up by the power of thunder and fire.


With a loud blast, the heap of ice exploded, sending countless chunks of ice flying everywhere!

Lin Ming raised the Black Dragon Spear and rushed out from the ice debris. His entire body was covered with blood that was nearly frozen over.

There were countless wounds on his body and muscles all over him were torn. His blood vessels had burst apart in many areas. These wounds weren’t caused by just the Undying Polar Ice, but from the fact that his body couldn’t withstand the burden of the Black Dragon Spear.

The Black Dragon Spear was simply far too heavy. Moreover, the energy needed to move it was mind-boggling. For Lin Ming to destroy the ice egg in a short time, he was forced to overdraw his energy.

At this time, the power from the Asura blood had yet to leave him. He was still in his Asura body metamorphosis state, looking like a death god that crawled out from the blood ponds of hell.

Bang! Crash!

Behind Lin Ming, as the Undying Polar Ice died, massive glaciers began to split apart, melting in raging floods and waterfalls that flooded the land.

Crazy waves soared...

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