Chapter 173 - Low-Grade Heaven-Step

Chapter 173 Low-Grade Heaven-Step.


Chapter 173 – Low-Grade Heaven-Step

Na Yi was able to see the awkward dilemma that she put Lin Ming in. From the start, it had been hopeless to think that Lin Ming would ever be able to defeat Chi Guda. There was simply too large a disparity between a Bone Forging stage martial artist and one that was in the Pulse Condensation Period, not to mention that Chi Guda was already a half-step into the Houtian realm.

In her opinion, the limit of Lin Ming’s strength should be at the Bone Forging stage, there was simply too large a difference when compared to an early Pulse Condensation Period martial artist.

She said, “I’m not asking for you to kill him now. I can wait three or five years.”

To Na Yi, it would already be a heavenly miracle if Lin Ming was able to defeat Chi Guda within 3 or 5 years. Lin Ming was only 15 years old. If he was able to achieve power equivalent to a half-step Houtian realm martial artist at 20, that would already create a new record within the last few centuries of the Southern Wilderness!

Lin Min did not explain what his thoughts were. He said to Na YI, “Before anything is decided, wait until I come out from the Sorcerer Pagoda to plan again.”

Lin Ming did not know how much of the Sorcerer Pagoda’s legacy he would receive, or how much his strength would increase. There was no sense in making any rash promises at this moment.

“Give me the Sorcerer’s key.”...

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