MW Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729 – Exterminating the Undying Polar Ice

As Lin Ming rushed towards the ice egg, a sharp phoenix cry split through the endless skies.

A blazing flame phoenix rushed out from the crowd of people, flying straight towards Lin Ming.

“That is…!”

Everyone was shocked.

“That is Xiao Moxian!”

Some people recognized Xiao Moxian, but they didn’t dare to believe it was her. At this time, even Xiao Moxian had undergone a body metamorphosis into a Dark Phoenix, just like Sheng Mei’s Ice Phoenix contract beast.

Both of these two phoenixes were of royal lineage!

However, Sheng Mei’s was an Ice Phoenix that was covered with ice whereas Xiao Moxian was a Dark Phoenix, her entire body burning with brilliant flames!

Xiao Moxian cried out, her call echoing in the heavens. Pitch black flames shot out from her body, rolling up into the sky. After completing two nirvanas, she had gained the ability to transform her body into that of a True Phoenix!

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian flew through the air together, their speed becoming faster and faster, their two figures nearly fusing into one!

Annihilating nirvanic flames completely poured into Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear.

The Black Dragon Spear’s spear light spread a thousand feet further. The tip of the spear point burned with nirvanic flames, perfectly melting together with the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation as it tore through space.

Lin Ming gathered all of his potential for this strike. He opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, bringing with him billions and billions of jins of strength. In addition to the Asura blood having been awakened within him, his body felt as if it contained the strength of infinite dragons. Even if a star were to stand in front of Lin Ming, it would be shattered all the same!

Such terrifying strength all rested within the dim Black Dragon Spear. As if the spear itself sensed Lin Ming’s monstrous killing intent, it began to hum with excitement.

Ka ka ka!

It was like a black dragon soaring through the world. The thick mist around the ice egg was constantly torn apart by the Black Dragon Spear. The power of Ice Laws that gushed out was able to freeze anything, but even that was forcefully obliterated by the billowing power of thunder and fire!

The Black Dragon Spear itself weighed more than 10 billion jins. Under such a high speed impact, its destructive might could be imagined! Moreover, the power of thunder and fire that twisted around the shaft was able to suppress the Ice Laws to the limit. With Lin Ming’s powerful mortal bodily strength added on as well as the blood-drenched mystic strength of the Asura blood, the power behind this strike had reached the pinnacle!

Endless power of Fire Laws, endless power of Thunder Laws, Lin Ming’s strike was like a bombardment of endless blood red meteors and falling bolts of thunder.

Rumble rumble rumble!

At this time, Lin Ming’s entire body roiled with inexhaustible power. His entire body had become a blazing meteor, carrying with it an indescribable momentum. Finally, he smashed into the ice egg!

In one potent strike, reckless heavenly tribulation fire, nirvanic flames, destructive thunder tribulation, all of it attacked every inch of the ice egg! The entire ice egg was instantly surrounded by burning flames and raging thunder!

Thunder and fire collided. Each collision could turn endless mountains and rivers to ashes, could evaporate entire seas!

Underneath this strength, the seemingly inexhaustible Ice Law runes atop the ice egg began to tremble and break down!

Ka ka ka!

With a frightening sound, atop the ice egg that possessed incredible defensive powers, a crack appeared!

The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that Lin Ming practiced gave him an unbelievably sharp insight. Even through the savage and tyrannical onslaught of energy, he was still able to instantly deduce the location of this almost imperceptible crack!

The Ice Laws lingered around this crack, wanting to fuse the crack back together.

But, how could Lin Ming give it such a chance?

In that moment, a sharp light burst out from Lin Ming’s eyes. The Black Dragon Spear seemed to become a flaming black dragon, directly crashing into that singular point on the ice egg!


With a loud explosion, the crack was torn open!

Lin Ming grit his teeth, suppressing the severe pain in his arms and brought the Black Dragon Spear crashing down again and again!

This Black Dragon Spear was over 10 billion jins heavy. Just by wielding it, the inertia alone would cause a massive pressure to rip through Lin Ming’s body. No matter how powerful Lin Ming’s body was, he still couldn’t withstand the burden and his muscles constantly tore.

Blood rained down, gas to the flames.

Lin Ming’s eyes were blood red. Spear after spear, the crack grew longer and longer beneath this unprecedented barrage.

“This… this…”

Those trial challengers looking far off from the distance were shocked. Even Sheng Mei had stopped restoring her wounds, her bright eyes staring straight at Lin Ming, unblinking.

This high intensity barrage continued unabated. Every strike could easily slaughter a World King.

It was hard to imagine that this was the attack of a junior.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Within the horrifying explosions of energy, wild dragon roars and resounding phoenix cries wove together!

The ice egg cracked apart more and more. And at this time, Lin Ming could already feel the cruel soul sealed within the ice egg howl at him in warning.

This was the Overlord of the fifth level – the soul of the Undying Polar Ice!

Lin Ming diabolically grinned. He had already become an incarnation of an Asura, his killing intent blotting out the world like a demon. This cold and gloomy soul aura was only able to arouse his killing desires!

You want to run away?

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He could feel the soul trying to escape deep into the earth!

He certainly remembered what happened when Sheng Mei attacked the Undying Inferno’s egg. Although the egg shell had cracked, the soul had fled underground where it slowly bred into the Undying Polar Ice.

How could Lin Ming allow the same mistake to occur twice?

One difference between him and Sheng Mei was that he thoroughly understood the Asura Laws. He had long been prepared for this.

In an instant, countless Asura runes shot out from Lin Ming’s body, locking in the space for 1000 feet and blocking every possible escape direction of the Undying Polar Ice’s soul.

In the final trial, no matter where, the Asura Laws were the supreme Laws, the ultimate adjudicator; it was a simple task for him to imprison the Undying Polar Ice’s soul that had lost all strength.

“Human, you are seeking death!”

The Undying Polar Ice was enraged. Its cruel and oppressive aura spread into Lin Ming’s mind, but Lin Ming only sneered, “The one seeking death is you!”

Lin Ming burnt 20% of his blood essence with the Gate of Life. Then, his strength erupted once more. With his bloodstained arms, he moved the Black Dragon Spear and stabbed it into the ice egg’s crack, thrusting straight ahead.


Lin Ming’s voice was cold and his expression was ferocious and callous. In that moment, dragons of fire and thunder burst out from the Black Dragon Spear, rumbling into the ice egg!

Bang – Bang – Bang –

The power of thunder and fire detonated. The inside of the ice egg was turned into a cataclysm of flames. The Undying Polar Ice’s soul was caught up in this explosion. It sent out heart-tearing screams as it was burned and refined by these flames!

“Human, you and I cannot live under the same skies!”

“Then I’ll suppress you and take away your chance!” The Asura-metamorphosized Lin Ming wildly laughed. He shot out the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, locking onto the Undying Polar Ice’s soul within the ice egg.

At the same time, the ice egg was unable to withstand the series of explosions occurring within it, and it began to blast open. The massive ice egg started to collapse!

Crash! Bang! Bang!

Endless sheets of ice fell down, covering the ice and even submerging Lin Ming.

In that moment, the Undying Polar Ice had been killed by Lin Ming!


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