MW Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727 – Turn the Tide

It wasn’t just Sheng Mei who saw this amazing scene occur, but also everyone else within the Umbral Heaven Ice Array and even the eight trial challengers standing far off near the center of the fifth level’s entrance. All of them were shocked speechless; could Lin Ming be thinking of committing suicide!?

“Sir Lin!”

Suya and Mo Brightmoon felt their hearts skip a beat! Lin Ming had moved far too suddenly and even if they believed Lin Ming was strong, they didn’t think he had the ability to directly resist the Undying Polar Ice’s final strike.

Facing that freezing beam of light, even a half-step Empyrean would perish. With Lin Ming’s current strength it was impossible for him to block it!

“This fool, he is courting death! If even the Soul Empress cannot block it, then him running forwards like a fool is no different than a bug in front of a cart!”

The far off watching trial challengers had previously despised Lin Ming for sitting in meditation behind a woman, but the truth was that they all understood this was the most intelligent plan. However, as they saw Lin Ming rush forwards towards the Undying Polar Ice, his actions were the same as bringing about his own death.

If they were to take 10,000 steps back and look at the wider picture, even if Lin Ming were...

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