MW Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727 – Turn the Tide

It wasn’t just Sheng Mei who saw this amazing scene occur, but also everyone else within the Umbral Heaven Ice Array and even the eight trial challengers standing far off near the center of the fifth level’s entrance. All of them were shocked speechless; could Lin Ming be thinking of committing suicide!?

“Sir Lin!”

Suya and Mo Brightmoon felt their hearts skip a beat! Lin Ming had moved far too suddenly and even if they believed Lin Ming was strong, they didn’t think he had the ability to directly resist the Undying Polar Ice’s final strike.

Facing that freezing beam of light, even a half-step Empyrean would perish. With Lin Ming’s current strength it was impossible for him to block it!

“This fool, he is courting death! If even the Soul Empress cannot block it, then him running forwards like a fool is no different than a bug in front of a cart!”

The far off watching trial challengers had previously despised Lin Ming for sitting in meditation behind a woman, but the truth was that they all understood this was the most intelligent plan. However, as they saw Lin Ming rush forwards towards the Undying Polar Ice, his actions were the same as bringing about his own death.

If they were to take 10,000 steps back and look at the wider picture, even if Lin Ming were to withstand this strike, this also meant that it would be impossible for him to have the strength to destroy the Undying Polar Ice’s egg form. According to the previous agreement, Sheng Mei was responsible for defending against the Undying Polar Ice and Lin Ming only needed to adjust his condition and wait until the Undying Polar Ice turned into its egg form, and then he would thunder out with his strongest attack!

Lin Ming had already adjusted his condition for an extremely long time, and now he couldn’t bear it and had rushed out to attack. To everyone else, this felt as if all his efforts were going to be wasted!

Facing that howling ice blue light, Lin Ming didn’t fear it but met it head-on!

His entire body was wrapped in thunder and flames. However, when compared to the ice blue beam of light that could even freeze time, the flames raging on Lin Ming’s body were nothing at all.

This also caused Sheng Mei’s heart to tighten. She faintly felt that Lin Ming would explode into action ahead of time and rush out. In truth, she didn’t want to burn her source soul force, but even so, she couldn’t sit idly by and not help Lin Ming.

She didn’t know what his plans were. Had he decided to give up on attacking the Undying Polar Ice?

At that moment, Sheng Mei also hurtled forwards. Purple soul flames blazed around her body as the six-leaf snow flower shimmered between her eyebrows. She flew straight towards Lin Ming.

Even if they had to give up on killing the Undying Polar Ice, she couldn’t allow Lin Ming to die here like this.

However, Lin Ming had taken the initiative and his speed was far too fast. It was impossible for her to catch up!

Just when Lin Ming was less than 10,000 feet from colliding with the freezing blue light, a shadow rushed out from his inner world!

This shadow held a giant shield in its hands, welcoming the attack of the freezing blue light.

This was Lin Ming’s avatar – the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

Pa pa pa!

All of the joints within the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone began popping and exploding. The strength that came from being nourished in the God Beast Grand Array for billions upon billions of years completely erupted into a horrifying bodily strength, rapidly surpassing that of ten dragons!

The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone’s comprehensive combat strength was inferior to that of Lin Ming’s true body. But in terms of bodily strength alone, in terms of frontal impact and the ability to endure strikes, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone actually far exceeded Lin Ming.

If Lin Ming could be called a master martial artist of the mortal world, then the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was a wild tiger.

A mortal expert could defeat a wild tiger, but in many specific situations, a wild tiger was far more useful than a mortal expert.

For instance, at this very moment!

At this time, behind the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, a phantom of the God Beast Tomb Array appeared. And in front of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, the incomparably massive shield it held was the Primordius Gate!

The primeval and simple Primordius Gate’s surface was covered with innumerable strange lines of the Grandmist Laws. These lines were all formed from the primal energy of when the universe was being formed, and were naturally carved onto ancient divine stones.

To take the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone as the lance and take the Primordius Gate as the shield!

“Essence energy avatar, third seal – release!”

Lin Ming shouted out loud. In that instant, a boundless and incredible strength erupted from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

In the past, when Lin Ming inherited the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar from the bronze temple, it had three seals placed on it, each more powerful than the last.

These seals were left behind by the Asura Road Master. At the bronze temple, Lin Ming had released the first seal and with this strength he had developed his inner world and broke through the Divine Lord realm.

The second seal was released when he was in Bai Qi’s Tomb, in the battle against Tian Mingzi. Lin Ming had bet everyone on this gamble and had released the second seal. In combination with Xiao Moxian’s primordial yin, he broke past the body transformation’s Heavenly Dao array diagram and entered the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace boundary!

Finally, there was the third seal. It was the most powerful seal and with Lin Ming’s previous cultivation he had been unable to release it. But now, he was able to do so!

Facing the Undying Polar Ice, Lin Ming opened it without hesitation!

For a time, there was nothing but a terrifying thunderclap ringing in the air. Like countless volcanoes erupting, like countless God Beasts roaring!

The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone’s body suddenly rose and grew. The energy in the sky seemed to be sucked in by a massive vortex, gathering towards the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

An indescribably horrifying strength gushed out like a landslide. As this strength filled up the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar and even flooded out, all of that extra energy hurtled towards Lin Ming’s main body!

Lin Ming was already prepared for this. Releasing the seal of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone inevitably meant that he would have to welcome a powerful flow of energy. He shouted out loud and opened his inner world wide, completely absorbing the entirety of that raging tide of power.

For a time, Lin Ming’s entire body erupted with a blazing divine light. Every inch of his blood vessels, meridians, muscles, everything contained a tightly compressed and dreadful strength.

Above Lin Ming’s head, the sky of endless snow and ice disintegrated. Nine blazing stars appeared, letting their luminescent starlight fall down like waterfalls.

And of these nine stars, two were particularly bright. Their starlight corresponded to two Dao Palaces in Lin Ming’s body.

A black electric light shot forth from the Purple Temple Dao Palace, instantly entering Lin Ming’s body.

Thump – Thump –

A vast and boundless life vitality gushed out from the depths of Lin Ming’s body. All of his blood began to race, issuing sounds like surging tides crashing into each other.

Each inch of his skin began to shine with starlight. His blood tumbled and surged, overbrimming with power.

The Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace shot out a strange mystic strength. From all of Lin Ming’s pores, it was like trillions of arcs of electricity shot out, dissipating into the void.

And at this time, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone welcomed that deep blue freezing light!

This scene caused every martial artist’s pupils to shrink. They could already see that this figure holding the massive stone gate was Lin Ming’s avatar.

Was he planning on discarding his avatar?

As this thought raced through everyone’s minds, there was a loud bang as the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, holding the Primordius Gate, collided with that blue beam!


The void shattered. The Primordius Gate was nearly instantly frozen. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and the Primordius Gate were both sent flying away together!

No matter how powerful the mortal body of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was, after this terrifying strike, its arm bones were likely shattered!

A horrifying cold energy froze the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and Primordius Gate into an ice sculpture. For a flesh and blood body, even the mortal body of a peak Great World King saint would have their body instantly frozen and then cracked into pieces!

However, within the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, an incomparably terrifying blood vitality suddenly burst out. This blood vitality burned like a brilliant conflagration of flames, directly impacting into the skies!

This burning blood vitality was actually able to forcefully resist the cold and make it so that the power of ice wasn’t able to invade the meridians of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

Beneath this smoldering blood vitality, even the ice surrounding the avatar began to slowly melt away.


Behind the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, Sheng Mei was dumbfounded. This avatar was able to rely on its blood vitality alone to resist the cold energy of the Undying Polar Ice. Just how powerful was this avatar’s blood vitality? It was simply unimaginable!

Even an adult God Beast might not be able to rely on its blood vitality alone to resist the freezing cold impact of the Undying Polar Ice. But, Lin Ming’s avatar had a powerful blood vitality, one that blazed like a massive fireball and it was actually able to resist the strike! Just how was this avatar refined?

In terms of the power of blood vitality alone, this avatar far surpassed Lin Ming’s main body!

Although all of these thoughts raced through Sheng Mei’s mind, she didn’t divert any of her attention. She could instantly see that the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was not enough to withstand the evercold light of the Undying Polar Ice!

No matter how pure and potent the blood vitality of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, or how strong its body was, it was still unable to compare with the Undying Polar Ice. It was knocked away by the freezing blue light, and that freezing blue light continued hurtling towards Sheng Mei and everyone else!

But because that freezing blue light was blocked by the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, a great deal of its power had been weakened.

In that moment, as Lin Ming saw the freezing blue light shooting towards him, his steps moved and he used the Space Laws to avoid its attack path.

Sheng Mei immediately understood what had happened. Lin Ming only used his avatar to block the momentum of the freezing blue light; he still planned to maintain his strength and attack the Undying Polar Ice’s egg form.

As for the remains of the freezing blue light, that would be handled by Sheng Mei!

Now, the freezing blue light had 30-40% of its initial energy diminished. If Sheng Mei wanted to resist this strike, she wouldn’t need to burn her source soul force anymore.

When Lin Ming struck out in that final moment, he had not only retained his strength but also protected Sheng Mei. Moreover, his plans remained unchanged; he was still planning to strike down the Undying Polar Ice.

Such methods, such daring boldness, all of that left Sheng Mei shocked, even feeling admiration!

Throughout all her long years of life, Sheng Mei had never felt admiration towards a junior!

Primal Chaos Law Eyes!

Umbral Heaven Ice Array!

Sheng Mei cried out. The purple soul flames that covered her body hid themselves as she no longer had to burn her source soul force. Even so, the six-leaf snow flower mark between her eyebrows glowed with an ever-brighter light!

A touching song spread through the world once more. The peerless goddess behind Sheng Mei, her World Apotheosis, also attacked.

The deep ice blue sword came slashing down. The ribbon that fluttered around Sheng Mei flew high in the skies, covering all space around for a hundred miles!


The Undying Polar Ice’s freezing blue light crashed into Sheng Mei’s Umbral Heaven Ice Array!

The frozen Essence Spirit Embryo Stone crashed into the Umbral Heaven Ice Array like a meteor. As for the freezing blue light, it was blocked outside!

The entire ice array wildly shook and countless chunks of ice fell down. Hundreds of thousands of runes around the array formation dimmed to nothing, completely vanishing altogether!

Seeing the chance, Mo Brightmoon, Suya, and the others threw out all the remaining divine runic symbols in their hands. Heavenly fire burned in the skies and arcs of thunder twisted about. After being weakened again and again, the terrifying freezing blue light became darker and darker until it finally failed to pierce through the Umbral Heaven Ice Array.

With the cooperation of everyone here, the Undying Polar Ice’s final strike had been staved off!


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