MW Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725 – The Cold Plum Blossom Resists the Snow And Wind

“Attack together!”

Dragonscar bellowed. He fiercely grit his teeth and all-consuming golden light appeared around him. This soul force flowed down into his hands, turning into a pair of golden soul force swords. As these golden swords were placed together, their golden light was blinding.

His feet touched the ground and then he shot into the skies, hurtling towards the ice pillars!

After Dragonscar, everyone else began to take action. The Divine Mist Divine Kingdom’s Moonpond and Soulsky were the next to move. Soulsky took out a long sword and slashed out 10,000 sword lights. As for Moonpond, her actions were far more unusual. Her slim body became dim in the snowstorm as if she were disappearing. Then, a faintly translucent light appeared around her like a halo; this was an extremely strange variation soul force.

This soul force then unexpectedly fused into the pitch black Umbral Heaven Ice Array.

The entire Umbral Heaven Ice Array began to suddenly shine with a strange light. The runes became increasingly...

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