MW Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724 – Umbral Heaven Ice Array

“Let’s hurry and get out of here!”

“Leave them behind to deal with the Undying Polar Ice! We’ve got to make it to a safe area!”

The eight trial challengers leaving were shocked and filled with dread as they witnessed the earth-shaking scene of the Undying Polar Ice being born. But from that initial shock and fear, it slowly became a gloating schadenfreude.

No matter how powerful the Undying Polar Ice was, it was Lin Ming that would have to withstand it; it had nothing to do with them.

The eight people all launched their movement techniques and used their energies to break past the massive ice crystals floating in the air, shuttling through the wild and frenzied cold winds.

Because the Divine Seal Altar’s transmission channel had closed, they were temporarily unable to leave the fifth level. But as long as they were far away from the Undying Polar Ice they shouldn’t suffer any major disasters. After all, when they first arrived at the fifth level they were quite a distance from the Undying Inferno and hadn’t suffered any attacks.

As the eight people flew away, terrifying snow gales and ice storms blew through the world. Massive chunks of ice fell on the ground, immediately covering the ground in thick glaciers.

Lin Ming and the others soared into the air. Sheng Mei once...

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