MW Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723 – Undying Polar Ice

Some trial challenger began urging others to leave faster.

At this time, more and more bone-chilling winds were sweeping through the fifth level. All of the heaven and earth origin energy seemed to have developed a faint tendency of gathering back together.

The Undying Polar Ice would soon be reborn!

In such an environment, Lin Ming remained as calm and composed as before. He didn’t bother with everyone speaking amongst themselves, but looked to Sheng Mei and asked, “Soul Empress, I want to ask, if the Undying Polar Ice attacks, will your array formation last until the Undying Polar Ice exhausts itself of energy and turns into a polar ice egg?”

Lin Ming was clear that Sheng Mei’s attacks belonged to the ice-attribute and the Undying Polar Ice was also an ice-attribute existence. To rely on Sheng Mei to attack the polar ice egg was not a realistic idea.

But if she couldn’t attack, that didn’t mean she couldn’t defend.

Just like Sheng Mei’s ice attacks couldn’t harm the Undying Polar Ice, the Undying Polar Ice also couldn’t easily wound Sheng Mei.

Ice against ice, neither side could do much to the other.

Moreover, ice-attribute cultivation methods always had a natural advantage in the defense aspect. For Sheng Mei, defending against the Undying Polar Ice should...

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