Chapter 172 - Na Yi’s Hatred

Chapter 172 Na Yi’s Hatred.


Chapter 172 – Na Yi’s Hatred

The monkey-faced man had completely collapsed to the floor. His lips trembling, he tried to push his arms backwards to hide himself. Not only had he lost both his legs, but the true essence within his body was leaking away. The so called meridian destruction suicide was simply using the true essence within one’s own body to destroy it. Now that he could not control the movement of his true essence anymore, the idea of suicide was simply a far off dream.

Lin Ming took out some blood staunching medicinal herbs worth several hundred gold taels and crushed them together, before sprinkling the juices on the monkey-faced man’s legs. The bleeding suddenly stopped.

He didn’t want the monkey-faced man to die from excessive blood loss.

“You… what do you plan on doing to me?” The monkey-faced man said with a shaking voice. He was now nothing more than meat on the chopping block; anyone could do anything they wanted to him.

Lin Ming glanced at Na Yi and said, “Since you administered the poison, do you have the means to cure it?”

Na Yi froze for a moment. She took a deep breath and said, “I have a way.”

“Then come up here. I don’t think you want to raise a broken-legged monkey for the next few years.”

Na Yi silently walked over to the monkey-faced man. At the same time, she drew out a dagger from her belt.

At this moment, the monkey-face man’s heart was like dying embers that were turning to ashes from despair. He had never experienced such pain before. He had no power to resist, and could only wait for the moment of his death.

“Na Shui, turn away.” Na Yi suddenly said.

“Ye, yes…” Na Shui said, and obediently turned around. These scenes that had just occurred were simply too shocking for the heart of this little girl.

Lin Ming faintly realized her intentions. He spoke to her through a true essence sound transmission, “This place is already rank with the smell of blood. Do you not want to let your little sister see? I think that she will experience this sort of scene sooner or later.”

Na Yi was silent for a while, before saying, “I hope that she will never have to experience this again.”

“Good. How do you plan on curing this poison?”

Na Yi said, “There is no special way. I can only take it out before he dies.”

As Na Yi said this, her knife had already stabbed through the monkey-faced man’s chest. That little dagger was not a treasure, but it was still extremely sharp. It was able to cut through the man’s chest like tofu. There were only the sounds of slicing as the monkey-faced man’s chest was ripped apart.

The monkey-faced man screamed as he violently struggled. However, he had already lost all of his martial arts and was on the verge of death; how could he defend against the Viscera Training Na Yi?

Na Yi seized the dagger, and with some effort, cut open the monkey-faced man’s chest. Her dagger cut through the man’s still beating heart, and blood erupted like a fountain as it splashed everywhere, including Na Yi’s face.

However, she only blinked, and didn’t wipe the blood off her face. She reached her hand into the thick muscles of the heart’s wall, and took out the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug.

Even Lin Ming, who had experienced many bloody scenes within the Ten Thousand Killing Array, was speechless as he looked on with astonishment. This little girl was truly ruthless.

As the tiny golden beetle was still soaked in blood, Na Yi quickly placed it on her own arm. At this time, the monkey-faced man was still lying down on the ground, twitching.

Although humans had many vital points, the number of lethal points that would result in instant death was one; that was the brain. If the brain was destroyed, then one would instantly die. As for the other vital points, death would take a while. For instance, if the heart was destroyed, then a person could still live for about ten seconds.

Na Yi used these ten seconds of time to take out the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug and place it within her own body. Now that the bug had swapped to a new host, it didn’t matter whether the old host was dead or alive.

After completing this, Na Yi stood up, her face slightly pale. Lin Ming took out a towel from his spatial ring and handed it over to her.

“Thank you.” Na Yi whispered. She wiped her hair and face which had been splashed with blood.

As Lin Ming saw Na Yi crouched in a dark corner wiping herself, he thought that she was like a small cat that was licking her wounds after an injury.

Behind this girl, there was probably an unknown story.

Lin Ming said, “I remember that you said you had two oaths you had to fulfill. The first was to protect the life of your little sister and let her live in peace. Was the other to take revenge for your parents?”

Na Yi did not answer. She kept wiping blood from her body. That original pure white towel had now been dyed a deep scarlet red.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Ming said.

“No, I should be thanking you. If it wasn’t for you, then I’m afraid that we wouldn’t have escaped this calamity.”

“I really do want to extend my truest apologies to you. This Sorcerer Holy Land is your tribe’s forbidden area. The way I came here was not glorious or righteous, and I used you.

Na Yi said, “You and I have never met, so you have no obligation to help me. As for this Sorcerer Holy Land, my tribe has already perished, so what point is there in keeping this Holy Land?”

At this, Na Yi sighed.

Speaking of the Sorcerer Holy Land, Lin Ming actually had a question that he always wanted to ask. “Does every tribe have a Sorcerer Pagoda?”

Na Yi said, “No. There were originally 72 Sorcerer Pagodas. It is said that the Sorcerer left the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas before he flew off into the stars and entered the Sorcerers’ World. Now, because of various reasons, like war, or beast floods, or earthquakes and volcanoes and other such things, there are 7 Sorcerer Pagodas that have been lost. Now there are only 65 remaining.

“So it’s like this…” Lin Ming speculated that the so called ‘Sorcerer’ was actually a formidable mighty elder. The so called ‘flying off into the stars’ was simply the mighty elder travelling to somewhere within the Realm of the Gods. “Can you tell me what the power of the Sorcerer is?”

Na Yi said, “The power of the Sorcerer is to help martial artists break through their boundaries and increase their cultivation. For every person, they can only enter the Sorcerer’s Pagoda once. But, because of the limited power of the Sorcerer, the lower the cultivation that a martial artist is at, the more their cultivation will be enhanced. If one’s cultivation is too high, then their increase in power would be relatively minor.”

“But on the other hand, a martial artist whose cultivation is too low will have trouble passing the Sorcerer’s trials. So, the best age to enter at is 16. Once a witch reaches 16 years of age, they will be able to enter the Sorcerer Pagoda and obtain the legacy of the Sorcerer.”

Na Yi’s clear explanation left Lin Ming somewhat surprised. It was as if she didn’t mind that he would enter the Sorcerer Pagoda, so she had explained in such fine detail.

After a period of silence, Lin Ming said, “I will tell you the truth. I would like to receive the power of the Sorcerer.”

Na Yi said, “I know. Otherwise you wouldn’t have played the fool for such a long time. You are also afraid that there are mysteries inside that I deliberately hid from you, so that you will fall into certain traps.

“That’s right.” Lin Ming honestly said.

Na Yu pulled down her collar, and unwound a pendant that she had been keeping with her. It was unclear what this pendant was made of, but it seemed to be fashioned from some sort of metal. In the dark chamber, it still issued a faint gentle light as if it was made from jade.

The pendant was in the pattern of an eye; just like the eye pattern on the Sorcerer Pagoda’s door.

Na Yi said, “This is the key of the Sorcerer; it is my tribe’s most sacred holy relic. With it, you may open up the Sorcerer’s trials. Otherwise, you can only enter up to the third level of the pagoda.”

Lin Ming was slightly stunned, and looked at Na Yi in surprise. In the dark chamber, Na Yi’s eyes seemed to shine like stars in the night sky, and they flowed with a brilliantly pure light. In her tender hands that were still covered with blood, the Sorcerer’s key hung from her fingertips, and emitted a faint jade-like light.

A this moment, Lin Ming was filed with an inexplicable sense of trust towards her. He said, “If you didn’t tell me of this Sorcerer’s key, then I wouldn’t have known. What you said a moment ago wasn’t wrong. You and I have never met, so you also have no obligation to help me. Much less, this Sorcerer Pagoda is your tribe’s forbidden land. Why are you telling me about the Sorcerer’s key?”

Na Yi said, “I want you to help me kill a man!”

“Your life’s enemy that killed your parents?”

“Yes!” As soon as this this enemy was mentioned. Na Yi’s eyes flashed with extreme hatred and murderous intent; even Lin Ming found himself slightly taken aback by this harrowing look.

“This person is the Great General of the Fire Worm Tribe. His name is Chi Guda. The Fire Worm Tribe completely exterminated my tribe. My parents were teachers of Na’s Tribe that taught the teachings of the Sorcerer. After the destruction of the Sorcerer’s Temple, my father was killed by Chi Guda, and my mother…” Speaking here, Na Yi took a deep breath. Her obsidian eyes shined with a brilliant killing aura, and the corners of her innocent mouth twitched.

Seeing this, Lin Ming guessed that it might have been such abuse like rape. But he hadn’t expected Na Yi’s next words, and was surprised by them.

Na Yi clenched her teeth. Hate drenched her voice as she said, “My mother was raped by Chi Guda and his men, and then… she was eaten.”

“Eat… eaten?” Lin Ming gulped, making sure that he hadn’t misunderstood.

Na Yi continued, “The Fire Worm Tribe is a cannibalistic tribe. In the Southern Wilderness, there are tribes that treat human beings as food; they will treat prisoners as food, and they especially eat pagans. We believe in the Sorcerer, and take those that believe in Shamanism as our sworn enemy, so they also regard us as pagans.

“This…” Lin Ming found this difficult to accept. He had heard before from the government that they were dissolute and wicked, and the commoners had once eaten even the children of others. However, this was in ancient times. He hadn’t expected that he would personally experience such a thing in this time period.

Na Yi said, “My mother’s bodyguard risked his life and braved death to gather my mother’s corpse and place her into a coffin. When I last saw my mother, her body was already incomplete. Because she had been boiled, her hair had completely fallen off, and her body and face were full of teeth marks. One leg and one arm had already been torn apart, and there was nothing left but broken bones.”

The longer Na Yi spoke, the more calm she was. It was as if all her hatred and agony had been gathered and restrained within her, locked inside the deepest recesses of her heart.

Listening to this, Lin Ming felt his stomach plummeting. He already felt that Na Yi’s description was too much for some, and yet Na Yi had seen this with her own eyes, and that person was also her mother!

No wonder. This was why Na Yi, at such a tender age, was able to have such a cold and unshakeable determination.

He was unable to stop himself from turning and glanced towards Na Shui who was pitifully huddled in a corner. That little girl was probably unaware of the tragic circumstances that had befallen her mother, and Na Yi would probably never let her find out.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and asked, “What cultivation stage is Chi Guda at?”

“A half-step into the Houtian realm!”

“This is…” Lin Ming frowned. So he was a half-step Houtian martial artist. Although he had just killed a martial artist who was a half-step into the Houtian realm, that was only because there were all sorts of advantageous factors that had gathered together. Even then, he had barely succeeded. Now that he had already spent the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead, he didn’t have the slightest belief that he could defeat a martial artist that was a half-step into the Houtian realm.

Not only that, but since he was a general, then this person would also be protected by several guards. To kill a person in a crowd, that was even more difficult.


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