Chapter 172 - Na Yi’s Hatred

Chapter 172 Na Yi’s Hatred.


Chapter 172 – Na Yi’s Hatred

The monkey-faced man had completely collapsed to the floor. His lips trembling, he tried to push his arms backwards to hide himself. Not only had he lost both his legs, but the true essence within his body was leaking away. The so called meridian destruction suicide was simply using the true essence within one’s own body to destroy it. Now that he could not control the movement of his true essence anymore, the idea of suicide was simply a far off dream.

Lin Ming took out some blood staunching medicinal herbs worth several hundred gold taels and crushed them together, before sprinkling the juices on the monkey-faced man’s legs. The bleeding suddenly stopped.

He didn’t want the monkey-faced man to die from excessive blood loss.

“You… what do you plan on doing to me?” The monkey-faced man said with a shaking voice. He was now nothing more than meat on the chopping block; anyone could do anything they wanted to him.

Lin Ming glanced at Na Yi and said, “Since you administered the poison, do you have the means to cure it?”

Na Yi froze for a moment. She took a deep breath and said, “I have a way.”

“Then come up here. I don’t think you want to raise a broken-legged monkey for...

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