MW Chapter 1719

Chapter 1719 – Reaping Souls


Someone shouted.

Those that were able to arrive on the fifth level were outstanding elites amongst outstanding elites. They were all proud children of heaven of their respective races and were able to accurately gauge the combat situation.

Now that the golden skeletons were weakened by the freezing ice domain released by Sheng Mei, this was undoubtedly the best chance to destroy them all.

A purple-clothed spiritas youth attacked first. In an instant, countless white lights drilled out from his flesh, like endless strands of silk that tore through space. These threads emitted brilliant waves of white light as they whistled through the air, passing over everyone’s heads with staggering momentum.

Some of these white lights crashed onto the metal-hard bodies of the golden skeletons. There was a loud grating sound like metal striking on metal as the golden skeletons weren’t wounded at all. This amazing defensive power proved Sheng Mei’s words.

But there were still some white lights that crashed into the eye sockets of these golden skeletons.

As long as the white lights fell into the eye sockets of the golden skeletons, the ghostly flames within crackled as they were slowly extinguished.

Several golden skeletons that had just risen froze where they were… without the support of soul force, their bodies began to collapse, like brick and stone buildings caving in.

In the crowd, Dragonscar’s aura erupted. Snow-white scales appeared on his body as a billowing origin energy surged through the world, astonishing all.

He wildly dashed around, his body so fast that...

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