MW Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718 – Undying Inferno

With Sheng Mei’s words, everyone stood up and fell down the Divine Seal Altar, fully stepping into the fifth level. After the rounds of eliminations, with Lin Ming included, there were just around 20 people.

The scorching hot sands rustled beneath their feet. A furious heaven and earth origin energy buffeted them, making them all feel something strange.

“Mm? My cultivation…”

The trial challengers were startled. As they examined their inner world, they discovered that some invisible Laws were imprisoning their strength, causing them to grow weaker and weaker. Falling down from the World King realm, they stumbled into the half-step World King realm before descending into the peak Holy Lord realm, and rapidly into middle Holy Lord realm, before finally stopping at the early Holy Lord realm.

“I… my cultivation is only at the early Holy Lord realm?”

One of the martial artists was shocked. He was used to having a half-step World King cultivation, but now he had suddenly fallen to the early Holy Lord realm. This made him feel extremely insecure, like a mortal martial arts master having their martial arts ruined, becoming a completely average person....

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