MW Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 – Overlord

Sheng Mei mounting the top of the Divine Seal Altar’s 33 steps was like a signal. Those trial challengers who failed to reach the 31st step could only stare on unwillingly as the space crack began to slowly close up, sealing them away in the fourth level.

Currently, their position was only several tens of thousands of feet away from the space crack. Normally this distance would only take the blink of an eye to cross, but today it had become an unpassable moat.

As the space crack began to close up, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian trudged on against the intense astral winds and dreadful pressure to climb up the 33rd step.

After completing two nirvanas, it wasn’t difficult for Xiao Moxian to climb up and her speed was no slower than Lin Ming’s.

“These two people are quite fearful…”

Dragonscar breathlessly said from beside Sheng Mei. Although he had just managed to follow behind Sheng Mei, it was a strenuous task for him to climb up the 33rd step.

If there wasn’t an accident then it would only be the four of them that reached the top of the 33 steps. That was Sheng Mei, Dragonscar, Lin Ming, and Xiao Moxian. As for Moonpond...

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