MW Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716 – The Final Trial’s Fifth Level

The Law Concepts on the Divine Seal Altar were trickles that flowed beneath Lin Ming’s feet. As he withstood this baptism of Concepts, he climbed up to the 26th step. Although he wasn’t fast at the start, he slowly caught up to everyone else. This was because at the front, most of the martial artists there had started to slow down due to the pressure of the Divine Seal Altar.

After all, there was no time limit in climbing up the Divine Seal Altar. If one slowed down a bit they could naturally restore a bit more of their strength.

At the 28th step, the pressure was terrifying.

But at this time there had yet to be a trial challenger that was eliminated. At the 29th step, the dreadful pressure gushed down like a raging waterfall. Not only was this pressure placed on the body, but it was also a pressure of energy and a pressure of the soul!

Some trial challengers immediately felt their strength verging on collapse!

“Damn it… I can’t even feel my hands and feet anymore and I don’t have much spirit essence left, but there are still several tens of thousands of feet until the next step…”

A red-clothed fatty from an Empyrean influence mumbled. He had already...

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