MW Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715 – Sheng Mei’s Thoughts

“Lin Ming’s moved.”

On the Divine Seal Altar, many people looked down to see Lin Ming start climbing up the steps.

“Finally. I wonder what his performance will be like.”

Lin Ming’s talent had already been proven within the Gate of Asura. Still, many people found it unbelievable. After all, Lin Ming had come out of nowhere. He wasn’t like Sheng Mei, someone who had an unbelievably deep background and status and had also attempted the final trial before and obtained above an 80% completion rate.

Although no one doubted that Lin Ming had a terrifying talent, one still needed to verify this with their own eyes. This was like participating in a grand tournament with countless masters all around, and then encountering a seemingly common opponent who casually ended up being the top master of the entire universe. One would always find this difficult to accept.

Many people were paying attention to Lin Ming right now, including even Sheng Mei.

“Empress, it seems you are paying a particular amount of attention to that youth…?”

Beside Sheng Mei, her follower Dragonscar commented.


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