MW Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714 – Xiao Moxian’s Change

Underneath the gazes of everyone, Sheng Mei only used half an incense stick of time to climb up the first step of the Divine Seal Altar. The next fastest person was only three-fourths of the way up.

“Too fierce!”

Many trial challengers exclaimed. They knew that the pressure Sheng Mei had to withstand was dozens or even hundreds of times greater than what they had to bear. Even so, she was the first to climb up the Divine Seal Altar’s first step. It was impossible to measure this difference!

However, the trial challengers also remembered that besides Sheng Mei, there were several other monstrous geniuses amongst them.

For instance, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian as well as Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince.

“Bigflame? The Divine Void Crown Prince? Where did the two of them go?”

By now, the entrance to the fifth level had been open for some time. But, many people had yet to arrive. If others didn’t arrive it was fine, but for chosen prides of heaven like Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince to still be missing, this caused everyone to feel as if something was wrong.

“There is also that woman in black clothes who always followed Lin Ming around. She’s a ruthless person too, so how come she isn’t here yet?”

Everyone glanced at each other, feeling a bit strange.

At this time, Lin Ming still hadn’t moved. He stared off into the distance, scanning the horizon. Although he was trying to remain calm he found it difficult to tamp down the growing unease in his heart. Xiao Moxian was really far too slow, making it so that he inevitably started to imagine various scenarios.

As for the Divine Void Crown Prince that had gone missing, Sheng Mei simply didn’t seem to care for him at all nor did she have any intention of looking into his disappearance. This startled Lin Ming. It seemed that in Sheng Mei’s eyes, someone on the level of the Divine Void Crown Prince simply wasn’t worth her paying much attention to. In the Divine Void Divine Kingdom, there would normally be someone every generation or two that was able to obtain a title of Crown Prince. After accumulating for so much time, there was a considerable number of them, to the point that Sheng Mei couldn’t be bothered with them.

Lin Ming silently waited. Slowly, many trial challengers had climbed up the Divine Seal Altar’s first step and were preparing to climb the second.

Finally, Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief and stood up. At the furthest edges of his vision that he could see into the wasteland, he could sense Xiao Moxian’s familiar aura.

Before long, several shadows appeared on the horizon. Their speed was quick and they soon arrived in front of Lin Ming. They were Xiao Moxian, Mo Brightmoon, and the others of their group. Even Suya was together with them.

The several people were safe and without any major injuries. In the midst of the crowd was Xiao Moxian. Her clothes were torn in several places and she appeared a little exhausted. Even so, her eyes shined with excitement.

“Big Brother Lin!”

Seeing Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian joyfully shouted out.

“Xian’er, how come you’re so late…”

Xiao Moxian looked a bit distressed but she was in extremely jolly spirits. Lin Ming finally felt relieved upon seeing this.


Xiao Moxian smugly smiled, waiting for Lin Ming to take a guess. But at this time, Lin Ming’s keen senses discovered that there was something different with Xiao Moxian’s aura.

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were nearly linked together in their thoughts, thus he was naturally able to feel the changes in her body. He discovered that her blood energy was far more concise and the nirvanic flames within her body were even more potent.

A breakthrough?

Lin Ming was stunned. But as he looked at her inner world, he saw that she was still at the late Divine Lord realm.

Xiao Moxian’s cultivation speed was originally faster than Lin Ming’s, but because he had stepped into the star-like immortal palace, she had been left in the dust by him instead. Now, Lin Ming was already a half-step Holy Lord, and as for Xiao Moxian, she would find it difficult to make a breakthrough in the next several years.

Xiao Moxian only cultivated the essence gathering system. She didn’t make a breakthrough in her cultivation and yet her blood energy was far more vibrant; this was quite unusual.

Lin Ming even discovered that within her body, her primordial yin energy was slowly reforming.

When Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming first dual cultivated, although Xiao Moxian had obtained tremendous benefits from Lin Ming’s body, her primordial yin energy had still been taken away by Lin Ming. Now, there was a faint tendency that it was reforming; how could Lin Ming not be surprised by this?

Lin Ming suddenly understood what had happened. He asked with happy surprise, “Xian’er, you completed your second nirvana!?”

This was no small matter!

A phoenix could undergo nine nirvanas. Although the seventh, eighth, and ninth nirvana were the most difficult, and the first six were easier, this was only relatively speaking!

In order for a true royal Phoenix to complete the first six nirvanas, it would require innumerable years of accumulations. But for Xiao Moxian, she had only needed another 60-70 years to complete her second nirvana!

“That’s right!” Xiao Moxian ecstatically replied. “I obtained a lucky chance on the fourth level so I was able to complete my second nirvana, otherwise it might have taken me several hundred more years!”

Lin Ming was also happy as he heard the bubbling joy in Xiao Moxian’s voice. During this adventure into the Asura Road, Xiao Moxian had accompanied him the majority of this time but she hadn’t experienced many lucky chances for herself. Besides the one time in Tragic Death Valley when she obtained the method to cultivate the Asura Heavenly Dao, she hadn’t had any other lucky chances. But now, at this final trial, she managed to finally obtain her own great lucky chance.

“That’s wonderful.”

Lin Ming said from his heart. Xiao Moxian was a descendant of the Demondawn Clan as well as a descendant of a royal Phoenix God Beast. But, a Phoenix God Beast, even a royal Phoenix, was nothing in front of a heaven-defying existence like Soul Empress Sheng Mei. If a royal Phoenix managed to complete nine nirvanas they would be able to step into the True Divinity boundary, but there were beyond few royal Phoenixes that managed to do so.

As for Sheng Mei, as Lin Ming saw it, she had almost reached the boundary of True Divinity. What she wished for, the challenge she faced, was likely the peak of True Divinity!

In this situation, a royal Phoenix was definitely inferior to Sheng Mei.

Yet, Xiao Moxian was different. While she possessed the talent of a royal Phoenix, she had also inherited the cultivation talent and learning ability of the Demondawn Clan!

Although a royal God Beast possessed a bloodline that defied the heavens and could reach the Empyrean boundary just by growing up, in terms of cultivation ability they were actually flung far behind by other races, like the humans, saints, and spiritas. This was the balance of nature. The stronger one’s bloodline was, the more difficult it was to procreate and their ultimate potential was also limited in its ability to adapt.

But Xiao Moxian broke this careful balance. She possessed a royal God Beast bloodline foundation as well as a peak perception and cultivation talent. In addition, as she followed Lin Ming and experienced her own lucky chances and fortuitous encounters, her potential was unimaginable.

Completing her second nirvana in the fourth level of the final trial was only the beginning. She would definitely have increasingly exaggerated achievements in the future!

At this time, Mo Brightmoon smiled. “This time we had to rely on Miss Xian’er to survive. The ghosts and evil spirits in this mystic realm are simply far too formidable. If it weren’t for Miss Xian’er successfully undergoing her nirvana at the crucial moment and then using her enhanced nirvanic flames to burn away the ghosts, it might be unknown whether or not we would have been able to return alive…”

Mo Brightmoon lightly said. Lin Ming was able to discern a great deal from her words. It seemed that their experience in the fourth level had been filled with dangers.

After glancing over at Thousand Slaughter and Fanny Fafa, Lin Ming discovered that they were wounded. They had consumed a great deal of blood vitality and had obviously passed through a desperate battle.

Lin Ming knew that in order for Xiao Moxian to complete her second nirvana, she needed a safe environment to do so. If this were true, then she would have needed Mo Brightmoon, Fanny Fafa, and the others to serve as her protectors.

It could be imagined just how perilous the situation had been.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and looked at Mo Brightmoon, Suya, Fanny Fafa, and Thousand Slaughter. He clearly said, “I thank you all…”

“Haha, Brother Lin there is no need for such words! We only did what we should have done. Anyways, without Miss Xian’er here, I fear we would have perished in this damned haunted land. The fourth level of the final trial is truly steeped step by step in all sorts of killing intents!”

Fanny Fafa honestly said. Although his lilting feminine voice was a bit strange when combined with these frank words, Lin Ming could still feel the sincerity within them.

“Rest up, then we’ll climb the Divine Seal Altar!”

Lin Ming turned and looked at the massive Divine Seal Altar behind him.

Before this, Mo Brightmoon and the others had already seen the soul-stirring scene. They were just about to ask Lin Ming what had happened.

Seeing so many people climb up, Mo Brightmoon asked, “Is this the entrance to the fifth level?”


Lin Ming nodded and proceeded to explain the rules of the Divine Seal Altar.

A brilliant light shined in Xiao Moxian’s eyes. She said, “Big Brother Lin, isn’t this thing something you climbed up before?”

In the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Xiao Moxian had also been a part of Lin Ming’s tournament sub-zone. However, she hadn’t attended the semifinals where the Divine Seal Altar was placed. Even so, she learned later that Lin Ming had been the one to climb up its steps to the top.

Lin Ming said, “Perhaps Empyrean Divine Seal’s Divine Seal Altar is related to the final trial. We’ll find out once we climb up!”

As Lin Ming spoke, Mo Brightmoon and the others sat down to meditate. With the support of various pills, it wasn’t long before they restored themselves to top condition.

And at this time, many trial challengers had crawled up to the third and fourth steps of the Divine Seal Altar.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Ming stood up, his clear and deep voice ringing out.


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