MW Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714 – Xiao Moxian’s Change

Underneath the gazes of everyone, Sheng Mei only used half an incense stick of time to climb up the first step of the Divine Seal Altar. The next fastest person was only three-fourths of the way up.

“Too fierce!”

Many trial challengers exclaimed. They knew that the pressure Sheng Mei had to withstand was dozens or even hundreds of times greater than what they had to bear. Even so, she was the first to climb up the Divine Seal Altar’s first step. It was impossible to measure this difference!

However, the trial challengers also remembered that besides Sheng Mei, there were several other monstrous geniuses amongst them.

For instance, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian as well as Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince.

“Bigflame? The Divine Void Crown Prince? Where did the two of them go?”

By now, the entrance to the fifth level had been open for some time. But, many people had yet to arrive. If others didn’t arrive it was fine, but for chosen prides of heaven like Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince to still be missing, this...

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