MW Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713 – Climbing the Divine Seal Altar

The 33 stone platforms each resonated with each other like chords of music in a strange sympathetic harmony. Countless runes flashed and wove together, stretching to the ends of time, emitting a fearful, heart-stopping pressure.

Compared to this massive Divine Seal Altar, the largest mountain in the fourth level was nothing but a little stone.

It was like every step of this Divine Seal Altar was its own ancient world.

However, what shocked Lin Ming the most was that he could faintly see large phantoms on every step. The aura of Laws emitting from these phantoms were all different, but they fused together flawlessly with the Great Dao Laws of the stone platforms, perfectly harmonious.

As for the peak of the Divine Seal Altar, the giant space crack there released endless beams of energy and arcs of lighting. The flashes of light carried with them a terrifying strength, one able to tear through space and reach into the far off distances.

Giant tornados emerged from the pitch black abyss that had been dug out from...

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