MW Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 – The Sky Piercing Steps

Within the final trial, each level was different so Lin Ming didn’t know what the scene in the fifth level would be like. As he watched the space crack from far away, he could see a world that seemed to be flooded with infinite energy. Beams of glorious divine light shot out from the skies, twisting in one’s vision like ripples, expanding like drops of oil in water.

Lin Ming launched his movement technique and flew towards the space crack!

Lin Ming had already ventured deep into the fourth level. From where he was, there was a considerable distance until he reached the middle of the fourth level.

When Lin Ming caught up to the center of the fourth level, there were already many trial challengers that had arrived earlier.

In order to survive the life and death slaughters of the fourth level and arrive here, each and every person was a peak character. There was a faint infernal energy that lingered around their bodies. They all stood in their own corners, quietly meditating.

Above their heads, countless arcs of thunder flashed. The terrifying space crack was like the maw of an ancient vicious beast, hidden within the vault of the heavens.

“Grandmaster Lin Ming!”

Lin Ming suddenly heard someone...

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