MW Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711 – Receiving the Dragon Spear

Lin Ming used a full two days to process the Black Dragon phantom’s memories. The useful memories were all recorded in his mind. As for the leftover energy of the Black Dragon phantom, that was gathered and placed into his inner world.

In a corner of Lin Ming’s inner world there was a jet black oval-shaped object, as lustrous and shiny as black jade. This was the black dragon egg.

Lin Ming’s idea was extremely simple. Since the Black Dragon phantom had absorbed some fragments of remnant will from the Black Dragon Spear’s dragon spirit, then it really did have the legitimate strength of the dragon race. Since he had killed the evil spirit he naturally couldn’t waste this strength. Allowing the dragon egg to absorb it was just right.

The remaining energy of the Black Dragon phantom turned into a thick mist that gathered around the dragon egg. Beneath Lin Ming’s control, the dragon egg was like a sponge that absorbed the black mist like water. For a time, the lines atop the dragon egg became even deeper and more profound.

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming let out a light breath of relief.

To hatch a dragon egg was an extremely long process. Lin Ming had already nourished the...

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