MW Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711 – Receiving the Dragon Spear

Lin Ming used a full two days to process the Black Dragon phantom’s memories. The useful memories were all recorded in his mind. As for the leftover energy of the Black Dragon phantom, that was gathered and placed into his inner world.

In a corner of Lin Ming’s inner world there was a jet black oval-shaped object, as lustrous and shiny as black jade. This was the black dragon egg.

Lin Ming’s idea was extremely simple. Since the Black Dragon phantom had absorbed some fragments of remnant will from the Black Dragon Spear’s dragon spirit, then it really did have the legitimate strength of the dragon race. Since he had killed the evil spirit he naturally couldn’t waste this strength. Allowing the dragon egg to absorb it was just right.

The remaining energy of the Black Dragon phantom turned into a thick mist that gathered around the dragon egg. Beneath Lin Ming’s control, the dragon egg was like a sponge that absorbed the black mist like water. For a time, the lines atop the dragon egg became even deeper and more profound.

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming let out a light breath of relief.

To hatch a dragon egg was an extremely long process. Lin Ming had already nourished the dragon egg with all sorts of heavenly materials and God Beast energies for over 60 years. All of these auras and energies had gathered completely into the dragon egg and became a part of its strength. The strength within had reached a strange and dreadful amount. After the baby dragon hatched, it would possess a powerful mortal body.

After the dragon egg absorbed all of the black mist, Lin Ming moved towards the Black Dragon Spear.

As Lin Ming stepped atop the ancient dark rock, he could feel an icy wind breeze past him, chilling to the soul.

Wu wu wu - !

The cries of ghosts echoed in the air. The evil spirits and fierce ghosts contained within the demonic energy had once been outstanding elites. After being killed by the Black Dragon phantom, their souls had been imprisoned within, forever unable to die in peace. Their once glorious futures had been turned into nothing but fleeting clouds.

As Lin Ming thought of this, he was filled with emotion.

The road of martial artists was exorbitantly dangerous. A single wrong step could lead one beyond any hope of redemption.

After Lin Ming arrived a hundred feet away from the Black Dragon Spear, the rich and potent demonic energy was already thick to the point of substantializing into ghostly beings that shot towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was already prepared. He moved forwards in a strange pattern according to the memories of the Black Dragon phantom. With every step he took, he stepped upon a singularity point of the array formation. At the same time, Lin Ming constantly formed seals that shielded him from the demonic energy.

Lin Ming walked closer and closer to the Black Dragon Spear. He could already feel the horrifying aura of the weapon.

This was a spear that had lost its artifact spirit. Even so, the terrifying atmosphere around it was enough to leave one alarmed and shaking in fear.

Without a doubt, this spear had once drunk its fill of blood from countless powerful existences.

These existences had all been heroes of the world or ancient desolate variation races. Amongst these existences were unrivalled geniuses, Empyreans, True Divinities, archaic God Beasts, and also the masters of many races that were long extinct.

Divine bodies, variation bodies, divine blood… there was an incomprehensible number of rare physiques that Lin Ming could never imagine. 10 billion years ago, geniuses with limitless potential had sprung up one after another.

At that time, humans, saints, and spiritas had been small and weak species. The ancient races ran wild through the 33 Heavens. Wars raged between the races all year round and heroes poured forth into the vast universe!

This spear was stained with the blood of all those powerhouses. After another 10 billion years of accumulating energy and being nourished by the Laws of the 33 Heavens and the rich heaven and earth origin energy within the final trial, as well as the flesh and blood of so many dead trial challengers, the quality of the spear had reached unimaginable boundaries.

But, where had the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit gone?

Did it follow the Asura Road Master and leave?

Or could it be that it wasn’t able to withstand countless years of erosion and had faded from the world?

All sorts of speculations flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. But what was without a doubt was that if the artifact spirit was still within the Black Dragon Spear, the spear’s might would increase by several times over.

To be more accurate, if the Black Dragon Spear still had its artifact spirit then it wouldn’t be only a simple weapon; it would be able to fight on its own.

And because the Black Dragon Spear had once followed the Asura Road Master, or at least his avatar, the artifact spirit likely understood the Asura Heavenly Dao. Its strength was likely extraordinary and it had probably reached an Empyrean level cultivation.

In other words, even an Empyrean might not be a match for the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit.

Lin Ming slowly approached. It was only after an hour that he arrived in front of the Black Dragon Spear. The shaft of this ancient weapon had been baptized within the river of time and didn’t have the slightest bit of shine to it. There were dense red lines that faintly shined on the shaft, as if blood had stained the weapon and had been left through the years.

“These lines…”

Lin Ming was shocked. According to common logic it was impossible for ordinary blood to contaminate such a divine weapon and especially impossible for it to leave behind any traces. Moreover, after 10 billion years, no matter what blood it was, it should have already turned to dust.

But now, no matter how he looked at these lines, they came from bloodstains. There was only a single explanation, and it was that this blood came from the incredibly powerful existences that had been slain beneath the Black Dragon Spear.

Only such divine blood would be able to leave behind these stained lines on such a weapon.

Lin Ming inexplicably remembered the final step of the blue stone road where he had seen the ghost of some ancient race’s god king. That person likely surpassed the boundaries of True Divinity, or was at least an extreme True Divinity!

Could this blood be his?

Lin Ming was silent for a moment. After he stood there for a long time he took a deep breath and grasped the shaft of the Black Dragon Spear.

For a time, countless images flooded through Lin Ming’s mind. It was like he had been placed upon an ancient Buddha-slaying battlefield with the flames of war rising from all directions. He saw a divine pillar of light shoot into the endless blue skies. He saw the catastrophe of the world, where countless god kings perished…

All of these ghostly images had happened over billions of years. But to Lin Ming, they all passed through his mind in a flash.

Ka ka ka!

Crimson Asura Heavenly Dao curse seals appeared over Lin Ming’s body. The Black Dragon Spear was constantly pulled out by him. The cold spear point was pulled free from the mysterious black rock. The Black Dragon Spear that had been slumbering here for 10 billion years was finally able to see the light of day.

As Lin Ming grasped this spear in his hand, the first thing he thought was…

This is heavy!

This spear was absolutely the heaviest weapon Lin Ming had ever encountered. The dreadful weight surpassed 10 billion jins. It was hard to imagine just what the material used to forge it was.

Even with Lin Ming’s strength, wielding this spear was extremely straining!

And the most unusual thing of all was that this spear shaft actually retained flexibility. It was just that this flexibility required a terrifying strength in order to show it. With Lin Ming’s current bodily strength, even if he opened all his Dao Palaces and bent the spear shaft with all his strength, he would only be able to bend it a little. It was impossible for him to bend it like a crescent moon.


Lin Ming whispered. He was confident in his body transformation technique, but in front of this spear, his strength seemed lacking. Whether it was the spear’s weight or elasticity, with Lin Ming’s current boundary in cultivating his body, he still had far too many problems.

Realizing this, Lin Ming thought it was a bit laughable. Duke Fullmoon and the others tried so hard to obtain this spear, but by relying on their cultivation system even if they succeeded in obtaining this Black Dragon Spear, they would only be able to look at it. None of them would have been able to wield it.

In front of this Black Dragon Spear, Lin Ming’s body transformation system boundary was lacking. So, he tried another method. He revolved the essence gathering system and prepared to move the spear. Without any hesitation he opened the Heretical God Force. Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared.

Origin energy surged forth like a tide, rising up around the Black Dragon Spear!

Hum hum hum - !

The Black Dragon Spear welcomed it all. Every tiny ounce of energy was poured into it. It was like trying to fill a bottomless pit. No matter how much energy Lin Ming poured into it, it was impossible for him to fill it up!

Lin Ming exhausted all of his true essence, pouring all of his strength into the spear until he reached his limit. Even so, the spear didn’t have any major reaction, only emitting a faint black light on the spear shaft. If this were any other weapon then with the amount of energy that Lin Ming poured in, it would have already been radiating a blazing divine light as if it would burn down.

After completing this experiment, Lin Ming could only ruefully smile. He had determined that with his current strength, he could just barely manage to wield this Black Dragon Spear. And, he wouldn’t even be able to display a tenth of the spear’s strength. Even if he used the essence gathering system, he also needed to open the Dao Palaces in order to swing this spear freely.

If he attacked with this Black Dragon Spear, although he would obtain an immense striking power, the energy and blood vitality he would have to consume was simply astonishing.

“It seems I can’t use the Black Dragon Spear freely right now. Only when I’m facing a powerful enemy can I take out this spear as a final trump card. Moreover, this spear already surpasses an Empyrean spirit treasure. If news of it were to spread out then there would likely be many people coveting it. I fear I would have to face the hunt of countless supreme elders…”

As Lin Ming was thinking this he put away the Black Dragon Spear.

Although he had obtained this divine weapon, in ordinary times Lin Ming would have to use the Phoenix Blood Spear. Only in times of desperation when all his other cards had been used could he use this spear.

The Phoenix Blood Spear could be called a weapon that had grown up together with Lin Ming. In the future, the Phoenix Blood Spear would be slowly refined into an Empyrean spirit treasure and eventually develop its own true artifact spirit. But, the only problem was that this process would take an extremely long time, at least tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. Only then would the Phoenix Blood Spear be able to reveal its fearful strength. But for the current Lin Ming, this rate of growth would take far too long.

As Lin Ming turned to leave, he saw that in the distant horizon, a massive pillar of divine light shot up into the skies, piercing through the horizon!

Lin Ming was startled. As he focused his eyes he could see the dazzling divine light and above that were countless dark clouds. Because of this pillar of divine light, a jet black space crack was slowly opening up in the sky.

This space crack became increasingly large and wide. Even from such a great distance away, Lin Ming could faintly see the images within this space crack. It was like another world was contained within!

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. “This is… the opening of the final trial’s fifth level…”

It wasn’t just Lin Ming who saw this, but all other martial artists on the fourth level also saw this scene. With this, everyone’s ventures and struggles in the fourth level began to slowly die down…


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