MW Chapter 1710

Chapter 1710 – Swallowing the Memories

“Oh? I won’t be able to obtain the Black Dragon Spear if I kill you?” Lin Ming looked towards the Black Dragon phantom and clasped his hands behind his back as if he simply didn’t care about its threat.

The Black Dragon phantom diabolically grinned. Since it was imprisoned by Lin Ming, it knew that escape was futile so it gave up its struggles. “That’s right, if you don’t believe me then you can try yourself. I used a full billion years to take the Black Dragon Spear as a foundation to lay down the Myriad Demon Grand Array. Within this array formation, there is an amount of demonic energy as vast as the sea. For these past several billion years I have been constantly killing off trial challengers to accumulate their energy, otherwise why do you think I would bother!”

“Oh? So that’s how it is…”

Before this, Lin Ming had already discovered that the Black Dragon phantom itself wasn’t too strong. But, using the demonic energy it gathered it was able to instantly kill a top master like Juku. However there was a condition in order to accomplish this, and that was that it had to be within a certain range of the Black Dragon Spear. In other words, it had to take advantage...

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