Chapter 171 - Killing the Double Devils

Chapter 171 - Killing the Double Devils

Lin Ming shrugged and didn’t respond. He concentrated on pouring his true essence into the black sphere.

The black sphere was like a bottomless pit. Even though it had already swallowed a colossal amount of energy, it still didn’t give any response.

Slowly, the bald man began to pant as if he had trouble breathing, and the monkey-faced man was also flushed and sweating. However, Lin Ming with his extreme restorative ability and resilience appeared the most relaxed, but as he revolved his true essence, on the surface he appeared to be a bit red and a little sluggish.

“A little more, we’re almost there!” The monkey-faced man said. The black sphere began to emit a faint light and the entire chamber began to shake. With a deep rumbling sound, the door to the Sorcerer Pagoda finally swung open. A magnificently iridescent jade pagoda that glowed with a milky light appeared in front of everyone’s awed gazes.


The monkey-faced man saw the Sorcerer Pagoda and began to wildly laugh.

Lin Ming was stirred. This pagoda appeared somewhat similar to the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda that he had entered during his time at the Seven Profound Martial House’s entrance exam.

“We’ve finally succeeded! Hahaha!” The bald man impatiently...

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