MW Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709 – Killing and Sealing Them All

Black spear light pierced through the void. Covered in black scales, Lin Ming was a life-reaping death god!

As for Bigflame, he was already completely exhausted of strength. It was no longer possible for him to compete with Lin Ming.

Bigflame roared out and slashed his saber at Lin Ming. Ignoring all consequences, he combusted his blood essence a third time!

However, because he had combusted too much blood essence, the blood essence he burnt now only gave him an extremely limited amount of strength.

“Lin Ming, if you kill me you will eventually accompany me in death! Sooner or later my Heaven Union Divine Kingdom will find out about your sins and they will pull out your marrow and refine your soul! Your family, your friends, your women, everyone will be killed off!”

Bigflame cursed out loud.

“Are those your last words? How meaningless.” Lin Ming simply didn’t bother with him. The grandmist space came shrouding down and all of Bigflame’s shouts were sealed within the force field, unable to pass out.


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