MW Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709 – Killing and Sealing Them All

Black spear light pierced through the void. Covered in black scales, Lin Ming was a life-reaping death god!

As for Bigflame, he was already completely exhausted of strength. It was no longer possible for him to compete with Lin Ming.

Bigflame roared out and slashed his saber at Lin Ming. Ignoring all consequences, he combusted his blood essence a third time!

However, because he had combusted too much blood essence, the blood essence he burnt now only gave him an extremely limited amount of strength.

“Lin Ming, if you kill me you will eventually accompany me in death! Sooner or later my Heaven Union Divine Kingdom will find out about your sins and they will pull out your marrow and refine your soul! Your family, your friends, your women, everyone will be killed off!”

Bigflame cursed out loud.

“Are those your last words? How meaningless.” Lin Ming simply didn’t bother with him. The grandmist space came shrouding down and all of Bigflame’s shouts were sealed within the force field, unable to pass out.

“Slaughter Demon Array!”

Bigflame wiped his blood onto his saber. As the saber absorbed this blood it became an even deeper red and began to emit an ear-piercing hum.

However, no matter what he tried, no matter what methods he had remaining, it was impossible for him to change the outcome of him dying.

Lin Ming’s thoughts focused. Atop the black spear, a dreadful strength began to gather, condensing and spinning as it turned into a black hole vortex.

Eternal Darkness!

Space distorted. Bigflame’s saber light was torn apart by the massive gravitational force of the black hole and even his protective astral essence shattered. In the next moment, Lin Ming’s black spear pierced through Bigflame’s heart.

Hum hum hum - !

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel came grinding down as it sealed away Bigflame’s soul.

Thus, Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince, two proud sons of heaven, had been killed off by Lin Ming.

After dealing with these two people, Lin Ming raised his spear and moved towards Duke Fullmoon. At this time, because he had been caught up in the explosive shockwaves, Duke Fullmoon’s entire body was matted with blood and his face was a pale white.

Beside him, the silver-armored warrior was already unconscious and had lost all combat strength, soon to be dead from his wounds.

As Duke Fullmoon looked at Lin Ming, his lips trembled. Facing imminent death, a martial artist’s fear could surpass even that of a mortal.

After all, a martial artist lived a far more splendid and wonderful life than a mortal. This feeling of controlling the world, of standing above all other mortal beings, this was an enchanting feeling one could become drunk on.

Duke Fullmoon had honor, wealth, high status, and so many other things that he didn’t have enough time to enjoy. He wanted to become an Empyrean and receive the worship of countless trillions of lives, all of them prostrating themselves before him. For someone like him, dying in this damned land was one of the most terrifying matters possible.

“Lin Ming… don’t kill me.” Duke Fullmoon clutched his chest, his voice shaking as he spoke. Blood constantly dribbled down from the corners of his mouth. The explosion of the Empyrean incarnations had harmed the source of his life, causing severe wounds that were extremely difficult to recover from.

“I know much information on many rare treasures. Moreover, I also have many treasures hidden around. All of these things I can give to you! If you don’t believe me, you can place a slave seal in me and control my thoughts. I can…” As Duke Fullmoon saw the killing intent in Lin Ming’s eyes become increasingly thick and heavy, he began to panic, losing all sense of thought.

“You want me to plant a slave seal within you?” Lin Ming smiled. When Duke Fullmoon attacked Lin Ming, he had used a variation of a slave seal spell to try and momentarily paralyze him. Unfortunately for him, his attempt had failed.

Lin Ming continued, “I’m sorry, but the things you mention I have no need for. The only thing I want is for you to die.”

“W-w-w-wait!” Duke Fullmoon said, his face paling even further. But at this time, Lin Ming had already thrust out his black spear.


As the spear thrust forwards, the Space Laws tightened around Duke Fullmoon, binding down his futile struggles.


Duke Fullmoon’s eyes turned blood red. With a final light sound, Lin Ming’s spear thrust through his heart.

Duke Fullmoon’s pupils instantly lost their focus. He looked at Lin Ming with disbelief in his eyes. He lifted his hands, grabbing onto the spear shaft, his entire body shaking.

“Lin Ming… there will be a day… when your bones are turned to ash…” Duke Fullmoon sputtered out. His eyes were thick with hatred. Every time he spoke a word, blood would gush out from his throat.

Lin Ming placed his right foot on Duke Fullmoon’s chest and kicked, lifting out his spear. A fountain of blood shot out three feet high before splashing back down.

“You still want to curse me in the last moments before your death? I’ve taken countless lives in my life, and if curses were actually useful I fear I would have died over 10,000 times by now…”

As Lin Ming spoke he swept out his spear and cut through Duke Fullmoon’s throat.

Duke Fullmoon’s neck bent and he died on the spot, filled with everlasting regret and with grudges unsatisfied.

Whorl whorl whorl!

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel came spinning out. Duke Fullmoon’s soul was also imprisoned by Lin Ming’s Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

Like this, all of Lin Ming’s enemies had been resolved.

At this time, the Myriad Demon force field had already dissipated. Lin Ming flicked his fingers, shooting out little black fireballs that turned the corpses of the four dead martial artists into ashes.

As for their spatial rings, they were all taken by Lin Ming.

After a brief examination, he found a massive amount of pills, cultivation method jade slips, magic tools and so forth.

Just in Empyrean spirit treasures there were three. The Divine Void Crown Prince, Duke Fullmoon, and Bigflame each possessed one. As peak disciples of True Divinity influences, it wasn’t strange for the Divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame to possess an Empyrean spirit treasure.

As for Duke Fullmoon, his Empyrean spirit treasure had been bought from the Divine Rune City Auction with 2 billion points – it was the nameless ancient spear.

At the time, Lin Ming had intentionally shouted out higher prices in order to trick Duke Fullmoon into spending more. As a result Duke Fullmoon had to bleed out his wealth in order to buy this spear. And now, after so many years, this spear fell into Lin Ming’s hands. Sometimes life could truly be ironic.

Of course, Lin Ming didn’t even bother glancing at this spear for too long. What he wanted now was the Black Dragon Spear.

Besides the Empyrean spirit treasures, there were also many cultivation method jade slips and ordinary spirit treasures. Lin Ming wasn’t too interested in these things. Although Heaven Union Divine Kingdom and Divine Void Divine Kingdom naturally had peak transcendent divine mights or even True Divinity level cultivation methods, it was impossible for these cultivation method jade slips to end up in the hands of junior disciples. As for Duke Fullmoon and the silver-armored warrior’s jade slips, they were of a far lower quality. Simply speaking, none of their possessions were too tempting to Lin Ming.

After taking inventory of the spatial rings, Lin Ming was considerably disappointed in Bigflame’s possessions. He only had a few precious blood energy pills that caught Lin Ming’s attention, as well as some bloodstones, a type of crystal similar in value to nine sun jades. Bigflame was in truth extremely wealthy, but this wealth mostly came in the form of contribution points from Heaven Union Divine Kingdom. Naturally, these types of contribution points weren’t useful to Lin Ming at all.

As for the Divine Void Crown Prince, his possessions gave Lin Ming a pleasant surprise.

After killing the Divine Void Crown Prince, Lin Ming also extracted an item from his inner world, a gray bracer. After investigating this bracer, he found that it was actually a spatial storage treasure. Although it wasn’t an Empyrean spirit treasure, the difference wasn’t too far off. And in this bracer, there was a massive amount of rare and precious materials as well as a pile of soul crystals.

Soul crystals were the energy stones of the spiritas, equivalent to nine sun jades of humanity. After a quick count, Lin Ming found that the Divine Void Crown Prince had over 2000 soul crystals in this bracer.

With all of those rare and precious materials added on, the Divine Void Crown Prince’s wealth left Lin Ming dumbfounded.

Perhaps even a poor Empyrean might not be as wealthy as this.

“This Divine Void Crown Prince probably found the divine depository of some dead Empyrean, otherwise he wouldn’t be so wealthy.”

Lin Ming quickly surmised. It wasn’t strange for a character like the Divine Void Crown Prince to have such a lucky chance.

Even so, that lucky chance was Lin Ming’s benefit now. Lin Ming had used up far too many nine sun jades in the Asura Road, and now with this extra boost of wealth, he immediately became ridiculously rich again.

Lin Ming put the bracer into his inner world. After finishing all of this, he didn’t go to take the Black Dragon Spear. Rather, he thought for a moment and then took out the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel once more.

Because the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel had absorbed a massive amount of demonic energy, it had neared a saturated state. The surface of the wheel glowed with a ghostly black light, causing anyone who looked at it to fall into a daze.

Lin Ming began to move his fingers, forming hundreds of seals. Black energy started to emit from the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel – this was the Black Dragon phantom that Lin Ming had sealed away.

This black energy tumbled in the air, as if it wanted to fuse back together. But every time it tried, it was scattered by the Law curse seals released by Lin Ming.

“Stop struggling. Your body has already been scattered by me and your primordial spirit sealed away. You are already finished.” Lin Ming lightly said.

“Brat, you are truly ruthless!” Thoughts filled with murderous intent spread out from the black energy. But then, these murderous thoughts became those of cackling laughter. “You think that you can obtain the Black Dragon Spear because you sealed me? Keep on dreaming! If you have the courage then kill me, but if you do then you’ll never obtain the Black Dragon Spear, hahaha!”

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