MW Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706 – To Use Another’s Knife To Kill

As a spiritas, Duke Fullmoon’s strongest offensive abilities were soul attacks. Thus, when he fought, there would ordinarily be soul attacks within his strikes.

Wanting to block Duke Fullmoon’s physical strike wasn’t difficult at all. But, wanting to keep off his soul attack was different. Many enemies of his had fallen beneath this strange soul attack.

When Duke Fullmoon and Lin Ming clashed, the soul attack had already struck Lin Ming. According to all previous occurrences, even if Duke Fullmoon couldn’t immediately kill his opponent, they should still suffer soul damage and lose their consciousness for a short period of time. During this, Duke Fullmoon could seize the chance to strike again and obtain absolute victory.

However, he never imagined that Lin Ming would appear completely unaffected. This shocked Duke Fullmoon.

“You… do you have some soul defense Empyrean spirit treasure?”

Duke Fullmoon said, his voice wavering. He was already wallowing in fear. He could faintly feel that here, today, he might die!

Lin Ming’s strength far surpassed his imagination. Even if the Divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame had the ability to pierce through the Myriad Demon domain, he still wouldn’t...

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