MW Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 – Beatdown

Underneath the protection of the Primordius Bell, the Divine Void Crown Prince and the others’ attacks weren’t able to harm Lin Ming at all.

With this, Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and hurtled towards them instead!

Seeing Lin Ming threateningly rush towards them as well as the Black Dragon phantom that was roiling with demonic energy, the Divine Void Crown Prince’s complexion changed. “Everyone scatter!”

The Divine Void Crown Prince was a decisive person. He had been waiting for the two tigers of Lin Ming and the Black Dragon phantom to struggle with each other and then benefit from the fallout, yet now not only had Lin Ming and the Black Dragon phantom not fought but they instead formed a temporary alliance!

Whether it was Lin Ming or the Black Dragon phantom, the Divine Void Crown Prince felt nothing but fear in his heart. When facing these two at the same time, there was no road left but escape!

“You want to run? Hahaha, it’s too late! You have already been caged within my Myriad Demon domain, it is no longer possible for you to run away!”

The Black Dragon phantom wildly cackled, letting the black energy within its body gush out without reserve to cover the Divine Void Crown Prince. The demonic force field created by this black energy was able to form a separate...

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