MW Chapter 1704

Chapter 1704 – Cooperation

“You want the secret cultivation method to the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel?” Lin Ming stared at the Black Dragon phantom in front of him. “Aren’t you just a greedy lion opening its mouth wide? You don’t even know what I want from you yet you immediately say you want the complete Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. Do you think I would agree to that?”

Lin Ming calmly said. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel was part of the inheritance that the Asura Road Master left behind, the first volume of the Asura Sutra. Since he had learned it he naturally wouldn’t carelessly pass it on to others. Moreover, Lin Ming didn’t have a jade slip with the Asura Sutra on it so wanting to pass it on was nearly impossible.

“Hehe, I’ve already more or less guessed what you want from me. You want me to help you kill those four people outside! I can already see that you lot are all on different sides and plotting and planning against each other. That fellow with a star crown? I think he wishes for your death even in his dreams! However, you’re quite the fierce one. You pretended to be tricked by them in order to get close to me and have me join forces with you to kill them off together. To cooperate with such a sinister and cunning person like you is the same as acting against my own interest. If I do anything wrong then I’ll be eaten up by you until I don’t even have any bones left! Without sufficient advantages, why would I bother risking myself for the likes of you?”

Lin Ming chuckled. “It seems you are confusing your current predicament. Your fiercest ultimate ability is the demon energy that you’ve gathered around you for so many years, but what a pity it is useless against me. Instead of harming me, it has become my tonic instead. If we fight do you think that you can defeat me?”

As Lin Ming spoke he had already taken out the Phoenix Blood Spear. Atop the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel whistled as it spun around, recklessly swallowing demonic energy. “If you want to fight with me then let’s fight. Let me take a good look at just how much demonic energy you’ve managed to scrounge up.”

Lin Ming activated the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel with all his strength. It was like a bottomless pit, absorbing demonic energy without end.

And now, the Black Dragon phantom wasn’t able to do anything to Lin Ming. If this battle were to continue then the Black Dragon phantom would only be placed in an increasingly bad situation!

“Brat, consider yourself ruthless enough! I do not want your Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel’s cultivation method, but you must give me the accumulated demonic energy within your own Myriad Demon Karmic wheel!”

“Do you think you have the qualifications to negotiate any conditions with me?”

Lin Ming menacingly said. Atop the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel spun even faster.

Seeing Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear and the rapidly spinning Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, a trace of fear appeared in the Black Dragon phantom’s eyes. It clenched its jaws and said, “As a person you should always leave behind a road for others. Don’t force me into a dead end. The reason you haven’t fought me yet and decided to try to make a deal is because you want to kill those four people outside but fear you cannot handle them on your own! Moreover, you are also plotting against me this entire time in order to obtain the Black Dragon Spear!”

This Black Dragon phantom was an intelligent being and was able to guess Lin Ming’s schemes.

Listening to the Black Dragon phantom speak, a peculiar light shined in Lin Ming’s eyes. He toothily smiled and said, “Me plotting against you? You aren’t even the artifact spirit of the Black Dragon Spear! You aren’t its guardian either. This Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit has already disappeared and you are nothing but a bird occupying a nest that you didn’t make. Using the Black Dragon Spear as a foundation, you constantly killed geniuses from all over, absorbing their strength to cultivate!”

Lin Ming already thought something was wrong. In his impression, even if this Black Dragon Spear wasn’t the Asura Road Master’s weapon it should still have a deep connection to him. Moreover, this Black Dragon phantom was far weaker than what the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit should be like! And if it really were the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit, it shouldn’t be asking someone to teach it how to cultivate the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel to begin with.

Thinking of all these things, Lin Ming decided to be unreservedly ruthless. Since he had determined that this Black Dragon phantom wasn’t the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit, there was no need for any scruples. If this Black Dragon Spear was truly refined by the Asura Road Master and this phantom was indeed the Black Dragon Spear’s artifact spirit, it would naturally be impossible for Lin Ming to harm it as he pleased.

“You will return the demonic energy you just swallowed! That is my final bottom line! Otherwise I’ll fight you until we both die!” The Black Dragon phantom roared.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then nodded, “Deal!”

Since he had to cooperate with this Black Dragon phantom he couldn’t be too outrageous in how he handled matters. His hands formed seals and the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel began to spin in reverse, releasing the demonic energy it had just absorbed!

Seeing this demonic energy, the Black Dragon phantom roared and rushed forwards, recklessly swallowing it. In the blink of an eye it had swallowed all of the demonic energy!

Soon, it looked at Lin Ming, a fierce expression marring its face. “Insufficient! You definitely swallowed far more of my demonic energy than this!”

“I will return the first half and after the four people outside have been killed, I’ll return to you the second half. Did you think I would return all of the demonic energy to you like this? If I did that, what would I do if you were to go back on your promise?”

The Black Dragon phantom coldly snorted and gloomily said, “You had best not be playing with me!”

Then, as it was speaking, the Black Dragon phantom suddenly removed the force field it had laid down!

Hu - !

As the force field dispersed, many ghosts and fierce demons went flying away!

The isolating space disappeared. And at this time, a brilliant light lit up in front of Lin Ming!

In that instant, the Divine Void Crown Prince, Duke Fullmoon, Bigflame, and the silver-armored warrior all attacked together!

They had already been gathering their potential for a long time. Moreover, they had all taken out their ultimate trump cards, waiting for this one instant. With a surprise attack, they would defeat Lin Ming!

A terrifying fluctuation of energy broke through space. In order to ensure a sure-kill strike, the four of them had held nothing back. This was a strike that even a peak Great World King would have trouble blocking!

Ka ka ka!

In that moment, the space around Lin Ming tightened, nearly collapsing in on him! The energy of this joint attack had locked in the surrounding space. Avoiding was no longer possible!

In ordinary times, if Lin Ming were to force his way out of the Myriad Demon Force Field conjured by the Black Dragon phantom, he definitely wouldn’t be in peak condition and the result from being struck by this attack could be imagined. But even if Lin Ming was in his peak state, if he were struck by this attack he would still be severely wounded or killed.

To sit down and wait without losses and then take advantage when someone was down, this move of the Divine Void Crown Prince and the others could be called utterly cruel and evil!

“What a great Divine Void Crown Prince! What a great Bigflame! What a great Black Dragon evil spirit!”

Seeing these four mighty flows of energy hurtling towards him, a thick killing intent blazed out from Lin Ming’s eyes.

He knew that the Black Dragon phantom had likely detected that the Divine Void Crown Prince and the others were planning on striking him when he was down, and waiting for the chance that the isolating force field was lifted to attack him. Even so, it hadn’t given him any warning at all! It clearly wanted to see him struck dead, or at least grievously wounded, with this attack!

Just before Lin Ming was about to be enveloped by that storm of energy, a melodious ring resonated through the world! This deep and profound sound seemed to come from the nothingness of the earliest epochs, bringing with it a vast atmosphere of the Great Dao Laws.

In the next moment, the void above Lin Ming’s head was torn open by an invisible strength, revealing a fathomless abyss. A dark bronze bell fell down from the void, covering Lin Ming.

This ancient bell was the Primordius Bell!


With a loud ring, the Primordius Bell smashed into the black rock. Every single attack struck the walls of the Primordius Bell!


The Primordius Bell violently shook as it was rung by these four flows of energy!

A visible sound wave echoed out like ripples. Space violently shook and the massive amount of energy contained within that sound wave formed an annihilating shockwave!

It was unknown just what material the black rock beneath Lin Ming’s feet was made from. No matter how powerful the sound wave was it wasn’t able to damage the black rock at all. But not too far away from the black rock, the earth was shattered by the sound waves. Rocks ruptured and mountains collapsed like sand sculptures!

The Divine Void Crown Prince and the others were naturally enveloped in this destructive sound wave too!

Not only had their joint attack failed to injure Lin Ming, but it struck the Primordius Bell, causing them to receive a counterattack instead!

Peng peng peng!

The sound waves struck their protective shields, causing them to all shake. Because they had just attacked Lin Ming with everything they had, bringing out all their trump cards, their current situation was extremely poor. Now that they were struck by the sound waves, they all felt their blood vitality tumbling within their bodies.

“What happened!?”

“What sort of magic tool is that!?”

The Divine Void Crown Prince and the three others were all left breathless and demoralized. Their well-planned attack had failed to harm Lin Ming, making it feel as if they had struck empty air. And at this time, their complexions changed. Above their heads, they saw a 10 foot long Black Dragon phantom come hurtling towards them!

“Hehehe! You four can be my food!”

Wu wu wu –

With a cry of endless ghosts and demons, the pitch black force field came shrouding down once more, covering the Divine Void Crown Prince, Bigflame, and the others within it!

“Hey brat, hurry up and attack!”

The Black Dragon phantom looked at Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He put away the Primordius Bell and stepped forwards!


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