MW Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702 – Demonic Energy Force Field

Bigflame frowned, not sure just what type of snake medicine that Divine Void Crown Prince was trying to sell.

In the current situation, Lin Ming, who was farthest away from the Black Dragon Spear, was in the safest position.

Of course, Bigflame was fully aware that the Divine Void Crown Prince was trying to trap Lin Ming. The only question was just what the Divine Void Crown Prince’s plan was. Looking at where he was currently standing, if he neared the Black Dragon Spear any more and aroused the dragon soul within, they would definitely bear the brunt of the damage.

Bigflame maintained a calm expression and slowly flew forwards with the silver-armored warrior. He maintained absolute vigilance as he did so.

At this time, the Divine Void Crown Prince was already beginning to lay down a great array formation.

He was gambling that the Black Dragon Spear would only attack those that recklessly tried to take it away; this was how Juku had died. As for the Divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon who were standing not too far away, they had been left completely safe.

Looking at the Black Dragon Spear in the distance, the Divine Void Crown Prince also felt a little weak at heart. He had no way to predict if something would randomly occur.

He was putting his full effort into laying down this grand array formation. And indeed, his every action was meticulous because this array formation was also to save his life. Beside him, Duke Fullmoon was also helping.

“Your Highness, will Lin Ming help?”

Duke Fullmoon asked, his voice lacking confidence. He always felt that Lin Ming was a bit strange and unpredictable.

“If he does, we will turn and run and then profit from the aftermath. If he doesn’t then we’ll need to further consider our plans…”

The Divine Void Crown Prince said, his eyes not leaving the Black Dragon Spear. With this array formation supporting them, it wasn’t like they wouldn’t have the ability to resist the Black Dragon Spear. If some accident occurred they would still be able to survive for some time.

Beside them, Bigflame and the silver-armored warrior also pitched in to help. All sorts of divine runic symbols, array discs, and other treasures were brought forth like they didn’t cost money at all.

As the two sides were busy at work, Lin Ming floated behind them. His gaze was deep and heavy; it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

As the array formation was finished, the Divine Void Crown Prince turned to look at Lin Ming, saying, “Brother Lin, we’re prepared. Please take out your puppets.”


Lin Ming smiled, still not moving.

Now, with three sides here, each side could be said to be plotting their own plans. Lin Ming also had his own intentions here.

He was trying to calculate if he were to suddenly sneak attack the Divine Void Crown Prince, Bigflame, Duke Fullmoon, and the silver-armored warrior, just what his chances would be of killing them all off!

From the start, Lin Ming didn’t plan on cooperating with them to take the spear. He wanted to kill them all off and then take the spear by himself! If so, then even if the dragon spear attacked him, Lin Ming could use up every method at his disposal to subdue the dragon spear and wouldn’t need to worry about someone ambushing him from behind.

However, even if Lin Ming tried his best, wanting to kill everyone here wasn’t possible! As long as the four of them scattered in different directions then even if Lin Ming brought forth the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar, he still wouldn’t be able to chase them all down.

And if these people were to escape, news of what occurred would spread out. It would be known that he tried to kill the disciples of two True Divinity level influences. This would undoubtedly set off a great storm.

These two True Divinity level influences were the most terrifying forces in the Asura Road! Let alone their core disciples, people even didn’t dare to provoke their ordinary disciples!

If someone was discovered as having killed off their core disciples, the consequences would be disastrous!

Even if he ignored those two great influences, what Lin Ming feared the most in this final trial was the person who remained aloof and distant, but still had some connection to the Divine Void Holy Lands – Soul Empress Sheng Mei. The Divine Void Crown Prince was different from Duke Fullmoon, he was a core disciple of Divine Void Divine Kingdom. If Sheng Mei knew that he had killed off the Divine Void Crown Prince, just what sort of reaction would she have?

Thus, Lin Ming didn’t attack them, because if he did he needed to make sure he could exterminate them all.

As these thoughts percolated in Lin Ming’s mind, a thick killing intent flashed in his eyes several times. Even so, he suppressed all of these feelings and didn’t attack. Although eliminating these four people and taking the spear himself was the simplest and most direct method, he still wasn’t able to do that.

Then… there was only another choice left. First, he would try to take the spear and reveal a weakness in his defenses. Once the four people thought they had a chance and developed greedy thoughts, he would use this opportunity to kill them all off.

With this plan it was much more likely that Lin Ming would be able to exterminate the four people. But, this also meant he would have to take a much greater risk!

It was because Lin Ming didn’t completely understand this Black Dragon Spear!

“Brother Lin, are you not planning to help? Why? Could it be that Brother Lin doesn’t want to take any risks at all? If we join hands to take the treasure, aren’t Brother Lin’s actions just too insincere? We’re already standing at the front, taking on the most dangerous role, so what is Brother Lin waiting for?”

The Divine Void Crown Prince shouted at Lin Ming, putting on a face full of discontent.

Lin Ming remained silent. After some time, he faintly smiled and said, “There’s no need to hurry!”

He slowly flew forwards until he was 10,000 feet away from the Black Dragon Spear. Then, he emitted every sense possible to probe the Black Dragon Spear. He investigated the eerie and horrifying demonic energy. With this, he was able to confirm that this demonic energy wrapped around the Black Dragon Spear was the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel recorded within the Asura Sutra.

The Asura Sutra was both righteously good and diabolically evil. As for the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, it was a tyrannical demonic cultivation method, able to gather the cruel and fierce spirits for one’s own use.

“This Black Dragon Spear hasn’t obtained the true lineage of the Asura Sutra. Just how could this be…?” After probing, Lin Ming discovered that the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel displayed by the Black Dragon Spear was incomplete. There were many places that were filled with mistakes. Now that this incomplete method was being used by this evil spear, it seemed even gloomier and bizarre than the true Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!

If it wasn’t the complete Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, then that meant there were flaws!

Lin Ming was looking for these flaws.

“Brother Lin! Why haven’t you done anything yet!”

The Divine Void Crown Prince impatiently said. He was afraid that his plan had been seen through by Lin Ming. He already decided that if Lin Ming didn’t do anything then he wouldn’t recklessly do anything to Lin Ming either. Towards this mysterious young man, he couldn’t help but feel a faint sense of dread.

“Do something? Okay!”

Lin Ming suddenly nodded, leaving the Divine Void Crown Prince surprised. Had this fellow fallen for the trap just like this?

“You finally fell for it? Wonderful! Birds die for food and people die for wealth. The nature of a person is insatiable greed to begin with, and with a lucky chance placed right in front of them, no one is capable of resisting. Even if this Lin Ming suspects me, there is finally nothing he can do to withstand the temptation of the Black Dragon Spear. If he wants to take the risk, then that’s far too good…”

The Divine Void Crown Prince rapidly thought, his mind racing. Beside him, Duke Fullmoon’s breathing also quickened, his pulse accelerated. He quietly gripped his spear, a ruthless light flashing in his eyes.

This Lin Ming wasn’t easy to deal with but that Black Dragon Spear was simply far too evil. As long as Lin Ming moved then the two tigers would battle and they could sit back and watch the fight.

Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if that Black Dragon Spear couldn’t kill Lin Ming, there wasn’t any loss to them. If the four of them joined together, then even if they didn’t have absolute confidence in killing Lin Ming, Lin Ming still wouldn’t dare to attack them.

In other words, the truth was that they were already in an invincible position!

“I will draw out the Black Dragon phantom. The lot of you protect me.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he flew towards the Black Dragon Spear.

Seeing this, the Divine Void Crown Prince’s heart skipped a beat. “Brother Lin, you don’t plan on using a puppet?”

The Divine Void Crown Prince was originally planning on having Lin Ming lure out the Black Dragon phantom with a puppet, but Lin Ming actually decided not to use a puppet but to go in himself. Could it be that he didn’t fear the dangers enough?

“To not use a puppet and fly in himself, isn’t this just a death wish?” Bigflame was shocked!

“It seems this brat only had a high level of talent, but he’s actually a moron.” The silver-armored warrior commented from beside Bigflame. It seemed they had all been too nervous about this. If they knew about this earlier then there wouldn’t have been a need to go through all this trouble.

“Don’t be careless. Who knows what tricks he’s planning to play.”

Bigflame and the Divine Void Crown Prince certainly wouldn’t believe that Lin Ming was a fool, otherwise there was no way he would have passed the Asura level Gate of Laws.

“No matter, with the four of us joined together and raising our guards, we are in an impregnable position!”

Duke Fullmoon said with a sound transmission. Out of everyone here, he had come across Lin Ming the most. Lin Ming’s previous performance at the Divine Rune City Auction had left a profound impact in his heart. After having his plans continuously torn down, Duke Fullmoon felt a lack of confidence when facing Lin Ming.

The four people stared blankly on as Lin Ming flew towards the Black Dragon Spear.

8000 feet!

5000 feet!

3000 feet!

1000 feet!

500 feet…

Lin Ming closed in, a little at a time, slowing down the closer he was. Finally, he was as slow as a walking mortal.

As he approached, his aura became increasingly deep and his eyes increasingly swift and fierce. On his face, blood red curse seals began to appear and explosive crackling sounds echoed out from within his body. He even seemed to grow taller…

Not too far away, Bigflame, Duke Fullmoon, and the others were all staring at Lin Ming with utter focus, locked onto his every move and action!

He was only 200 feet away!

The four people held their breath. Lin Ming wasn’t planning on using some trick, but was actually thinking of luring out the Black Dragon phantom that lingered around the Black Dragon Spear.

Was he insane!?!?

At this time, a black fog rose up from all around the Black Dragon Spear!

A terrifying black energy surged towards Lin Ming like a tidal wave!

Within this seething black fog was a clawing Black Dragon. Its eyes were blood red, and just by looking into its gaze, one felt as if they would fall into an endless abyss!

At this time, the Black Dragon evilly smiled. “Blood energy… a stranger’s blood energy… what a rich blood energy… what an extreme delicacy, this is the greatest delicacy that I have ever encountered, the richest blood energy I have ever seen… good! Too good! You will become my most delicious meal! You will become a part of me! Let me eat you!”

The Black Dragon’s voice was filled with deceit and ruthless cruelty. Demonic energy surged around it as its voice seemed to transmit from all directions of the world. It was like the heavens and earth were shrouded in this voice!

For a time, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He discovered that he was covered in a massive force field!

This force field was like an independent space. There was nothing but pitch black darkness everywhere. If he reached out his hand, he wouldn’t even be able to see his five fingers!

Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!

Horrifying ghost cries sounded from all directions. This was like a cave of 10,000 ghosts. Just by entering this land, one would be swallowed up by 10,000 ghosts!

“This is a domain sent out by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, formed from the countless demonic souls that it has absorbed. This Black Dragon Spear, just how many people has it killed? Moreover, all of these people are outstanding existences!”

Lin Ming’s mind chilled. Without a doubt, this Black Dragon Spear had existed in the final trial for a very, very long time! It had also slain a tremendous number of trial challengers!

But, what was strange was that Soul Empress Sheng Mei should also have come here, so why didn’t she subdue this Black Dragon Spear?

With Soul Empress Sheng Mei’s transcendent methods, no matter how strong or ghostly this Black Dragon Spear’s methods were, it still wouldn’t be able to escape her grasp!


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