MW Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702 – Demonic Energy Force Field

Bigflame frowned, not sure just what type of snake medicine that Divine Void Crown Prince was trying to sell.

In the current situation, Lin Ming, who was farthest away from the Black Dragon Spear, was in the safest position.

Of course, Bigflame was fully aware that the Divine Void Crown Prince was trying to trap Lin Ming. The only question was just what the Divine Void Crown Prince’s plan was. Looking at where he was currently standing, if he neared the Black Dragon Spear any more and aroused the dragon soul within, they would definitely bear the brunt of the damage.

Bigflame maintained a calm expression and slowly flew forwards with the silver-armored warrior. He maintained absolute vigilance as he did so.

At this time, the Divine Void Crown Prince was already beginning to lay down a great array formation.

He was gambling that the Black Dragon Spear would only attack those that recklessly tried to take it away; this was how Juku had died. As for the Divine Void Crown Prince and Duke Fullmoon who were standing not too far away, they had been left completely safe.

Looking at the Black Dragon Spear in the distance, the Divine Void Crown Prince also felt a little weak at heart. He had no way to predict if something would randomly occur.

He was putting his full effort...

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