MW Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 – Plot

At the third level of the final trial, when a martial artist received their reward they would be teleported alone to the fourth level. But, those that received the same level of rewards took around the same amount of time to do so, thus they entered the fourth level at nearly the same time. Even if they were transmitted to random locations, they could still quickly find one or two of their companions to form temporary squads.

However, for Lin Ming, because he had spent too much time on the blue stone road, he arrived much later than everyone else. By this time, many people had already been fighting for several days.

“Deeper into the fourth level… I understand…”

Lin Ming nodded at the two youths and turned around, slowly heading deeper into the fourth level.

Strong winds howled and the scent of blood filled the world. As he sped forwards, his back was as straight as a spear, standing proudly upon this desolate wasteland, filled with a heroic and daring momentum!

The nine suns in the skies slowly fell down beyond the horizon, signaling the approach of night.

Lin Ming was like a death god wandering the night. Whether it was the forests, wilderness, or glaciers, he advanced in a straight line. No matter what monsters, evil races or demonic beings came at him, he didn’t...

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