Chapter 170 - Sorcerer Pagoda

Chapter 170 Sorcerer Pagoda.


Chapter 170 – Sorcerer Pagoda

“Your turn.” Na Yi said as she turned to the monkey-faced man.

The monkey-faced man said, “Since you will place the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug in your little sister and me, your little sister should come along with us. Otherwise she will be all alone. With her mere Third Stage of Body Transformation cultivation, it won’t be easy for her to return from the jungle, I don’t want her to be eaten by some vicious beast and then lose my life for no reason.

Na Yi was silent for a moment. The monkey-faced man was right. If her little sister left here, then she would easily encounter some great danger. But if she kept her sister here by her side, then she was afraid that these two men would play some dirty tricks.

“How about it, there will already be a poisonous bug in my body, you don’t have to worry over it. If you think that we will take advantage of you, then your little sister will commit suicide and I’ll have to die with her!”

“Alright.” Na Yi agreed. She placed the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug on the monkey-faced man.

The monkey-faced man didn’t seem to be very scared. He appeared quite happy to let the Fatebound Heartcrush Bug bite through his skin and enter his heart through his blood...

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