MW Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 – Venturing Deeper Into the Fourth Level

These two brothers didn’t recognize Lin Ming at the start. With a martial artist’s senses, it would normally be impossible for them to make such a foolish mistake if they looked carefully. But at this time, Lin Ming’s entire body was covered with scales and he was half a foot higher. His hair was thick and wild, like a savage born from the jungle.

Moreover, the scales around his body were dyed red with blood and his clothes had been torn to unrecognizable bits. It was impossible for one to see a trial challenger here; rather, all one could think of was an Asura demon from hell.

Before, these two brothers were already scared silly by the giant diamond ape, and as they saw this death star appear before them, all they could think was ‘it’s over, it’s over, it’s all over, we’re all dead here’.

It was only when they realized this monster was Lin Ming that they relaxed a little. Even so, the shock in their hearts didn’t dim in the least. If they weren’t wrong, then the one that had been in that dreadful fight in the forest was Lin Ming!

Lin Ming looked at these two speechless ancient martial family geniuses. His voice was low as he asked, “Where… are stronger monsters?”

The two youths were...

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