MW Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 – Venturing Deeper Into the Fourth Level

These two brothers didn’t recognize Lin Ming at the start. With a martial artist’s senses, it would normally be impossible for them to make such a foolish mistake if they looked carefully. But at this time, Lin Ming’s entire body was covered with scales and he was half a foot higher. His hair was thick and wild, like a savage born from the jungle.

Moreover, the scales around his body were dyed red with blood and his clothes had been torn to unrecognizable bits. It was impossible for one to see a trial challenger here; rather, all one could think of was an Asura demon from hell.

Before, these two brothers were already scared silly by the giant diamond ape, and as they saw this death star appear before them, all they could think was ‘it’s over, it’s over, it’s all over, we’re all dead here’.

It was only when they realized this monster was Lin Ming that they relaxed a little. Even so, the shock in their hearts didn’t dim in the least. If they weren’t wrong, then the one that had been in that dreadful fight in the forest was Lin Ming!

Lin Ming looked at these two speechless ancient martial family geniuses. His voice was low as he asked, “Where… are stronger monsters?”

The two youths were stunned, not immediately answering. They had just been sent scurrying about by monsters and now Lin Ming was asking them where to find stronger ones?

What was he planning on doing?

Lin Ming frowned a little. Now that he entered the fourth level, he not only sought treasures here but also to temper and gain experience!

In the star-like immortal palace, Lin Ming had absorbed the drop of Asura blood. But because the strength contained within the Asura blood was excessively huge, he had been forced to divert it into the nine Dao Palaces. This meant that the astral essence, spirit essence, and true essence within Lin Ming’s body were affected and their equilibrium was in disorder. Even the Heretical God Force, grandmist energy, black hole energy and Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within him had been affected, all of them becoming slightly restless.

With so many chaotic energies swirling within him, Lin Ming needed to straighten them out and have them fuse with his body. And, the best method to do so was to fight! Fight without end!

Thus, in the fourth level, while the other geniuses here were diligently searching for treasures and avoiding all the various monsters and dangers, Lin Ming was different.

To him, this fourth level was a training zone. He searched for monsters on his own initiative and fought them. Not only was he adjusting the strengths within his body but he was also honing the combat skills and fighting spirit from the Asura blood.

Lin Ming had spent far too long in the star-like immortal palace. He hadn’t been in the fourth level for long, and when he first appeared, all that was around him was an endless forest. There was a considerable number of monsters in this forest but after a massacre that lasted for a full day and night, Lin Ming felt that although there was a high quantity of monsters here, their quality and strength were lacking. This wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

In particular, after he stimulated the strength of the Asura blood, these monsters weren’t even able to withstand three of his moves.

Thus, when he discovered these two trial challengers he dropped in front of them to ask where there were stronger monsters.

At this time, there was a loud rumbling sound on the distant horizon. Soon, an over 60 foot tall giant diamond ape hurtled towards the three young men!

This ape was like a madly rushing ox, its speed reaching unbelievable velocities. At first it was on the horizon, but in just the blink of an eye it was within a thousand feet of the group!

In that moment, the two martial family youths both paled!

“G-g-g-giant diamond ape! It’s found us!”

“Shit! This is bad, we must scatter!”

The two youths shouted. But before they could even respond, beside them, the devil-like Lin Ming that was thick with the smell of blood suddenly moved. A brilliant fighting spirit ignited in his eyes and his figure flashed, leaving the two youths behind in a cloud of dust. Like a meteor rising into the sky, he shot straight towards that giant diamond ape!

The two youths were left dumbfounded. They even forgot about escaping.

In their experience, this giant diamond ape had a simply unimaginable strength. Yet, Lin Ming was hurtling towards it!

They didn’t doubt that Lin Ming was some sort of freakish genius that could instantly kill them, but facing this giant diamond ape that didn’t seem to possess any weakness at all, could Lin Ming really do anything?


A massive impact force burst out from the collision of ape and man!

A blinding divine light burst out like a sharp sword, piercing into the heavens!

The giant diamond ape released a pained roar. Its chest had been punched by Lin Ming, leaving behind a deep hollow!

One of its ribs had been forcefully smashed apart by Lin Ming’s fist!


The two youths gulped, their throats twitching. They knew that Lin Ming’s weapon of choice was a spear, but when facing this giant diamond ape that hadn’t been injured by their all-out attacks, Lin Ming had only needed to use a fist to wound it!

Was he planning on fighting the giant diamond ape in hand-to-hand combat?

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The giant diamond ape was enraged!

This rage had come from being injured by a mere little human. The wound had been a provocation of its might and dignity!

The giant diamond ape grabbed at Lin Ming. But, Lin Ming’s speed was as fast as a bolt of lightning. His figure flashed and he immediately vanished from the giant diamond ape’s reach. In the next moment, Lin Ming’s right foot landed atop the giant diamond ape’s long arm.

Then, using this ape’s arm as a foothold, Lin Ming shot towards the giant diamond ape’s head!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Lin Ming punched out again and again, smashing at the giant diamond ape!

His fists tore through the void and cracked open the earth. Each fist contained an unimaginable strength!

The power of thunder and fire!

The power of heavenly tribulation!

Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

Grandmist Laws!

Asura Heavenly Dao!

All of these different strengths sparked atop Lin Ming’s fist! In the fierce barrage of attacks, all of these strengths began slowly fusing together!

In this close melee combat, every strike was like the strike of a forging hammer, hammering at the different strengths within Lin Ming’s body, allowing him to comprehensively master and understand them!

Without using weapons, allowing the feel of every strike to vibrate through his flesh and bones, this method of tempering in allowing Lin Ming’s body to directly accept the impact was far better!

For a time, energy wildly surged out. The roar of thunder filled the air as blood energy shot through the skies!

A thousand feet away, the two youths’ jaws dropped open as they saw this earth-shaking battle. Their minds trembled and their bodies shook.

This was far too terrifying. This simply wasn’t a strength that a human should have. Without using a weapon, Lin Ming was fighting the giant diamond ape in a hand-to-hand melee!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The speed of Lin Ming’s fist strikes reached the limit. Even so, the giant diamond ape had a horrifying defensive power. Although Lin Ming’s fists contained the strength of several dragons, he still couldn’t fatally injure the beast.

But with fist after fist accumulating, the internal organs of the giant diamond ape, including its blood vessels, fascia, everything began to develop heavy internal injuries.

However, in such close range melee, no matter how fast or nimble Lin Ming was, he was unable to completely avoid all of the giant diamond ape’s attacks.

Lin Ming punched at the giant diamond ape’s eyelids, smashing in one of its eyes. The giant diamond ape suddenly roared out loud and brought a hand crashing down on Lin Ming’s back!


With a loud explosive sound, the black scales on Lin Ming’s back solidly withstood this strike!

This horrifying impact force was like being struck by a planet. Lin Ming was sent flying backwards, crashing through and snapping several dozen old trees. Finally, with a thunderous sound, he crashed into the ground, sending endless plumes of rock and dirt splashing upwards.

“This… this…”

The two ancient martial family juniors were left in a daze, unable to come up with any words. To have one’s body be directly struck by the giant diamond ape, what sort of concept was that?

Perhaps even a saint World King powerhouse would be split in half by the attack!

Just as this thought flashed in their minds, before they could decide whether or not they should continue fleeing there was a stir in the wreckage. In the area where Lin Ming landed, there was a loud eruption of chaos as a blood-drenched Lin Ming leapt upwards from the cracked earth like a wild tiger!

Many of the scales on his back had broken apart, but they didn’t completely shatter. Rivulets of blood began leaking out from between the scales.

These scales were far beyond any normal armor!

The scales were engraved with runes of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. As an impact force spread through the layers of scales, it would be rapidly reduced. Then, when the impact force reached Lin Ming’s true body, it wouldn’t have enough strength to truly wound his organs and meridians!

As the giant diamond ape saw this, fear finally began to fill its eyes.

It roared at Lin Ming, wanting to intimidate, but Lin Ming was unmoved. One step at a time, Lin Ming moved forwards.

The giant diamond ape retreated again and again, terrified.

Finally, it wasn’t able to withstand the dreadful pressure rolling off of Lin Ming. To the shock of the two ancient martial family geniuses, the beast turned tail and fled!

“It’s running… running away!”

“The giant diamond ape, an ancient vicious beast, was actually forced to run away by Lin Ming’s fist…”

The two youths were inexplicably shocked.

But at this moment, Lin Ming stepped forwards and chased after the beast!

Although the giant diamond ape wasn’t the smartest of beasts, it possessed an amazingly fast movement speed.

However, when compared to Lin Ming, it was simply far too slow!

In just several breaths of time, the beast had been overtaken by Lin Ming.

On the distant horizon, another brutal fight began!

Lin Ming still didn’t use a weapon. The giant diamond ape howled out mournfully again and again!

Lin Ming’s fists struck solid flesh again and again!

Finally, too many internal injuries had accumulated. The giant diamond ape vomited out a mouthful of blood that was awash with bits and pieces of organs.

After countless punches by Lin Ming, the giant diamond ape that was as large as an iron tower was struck dead, all of its organs having been burst apart. It keeled over to the ground.

Lin Ming stood on the corpse of the giant diamond ape and pulled out the monster crystal from within its body, placing it into his spatial ring. Then, he slowly walked away.

As the two ancient martial family youths saw the entirely bloodstained Lin Ming walking over to them, they felt all of their courage shatter. It was hard for them to withstand the terrifying pressure released by Lin Ming!

This was because the infernal energy swirling around Lin Ming’s body was too heavy. In addition to the power of the Grandmist Laws, Asura Heavenly Dao, and Heretical God Force that lingered around him, these invisible energies created an intangible force field with him at the center. If a normal martial artist were to stand in the range of this force field, they would find it difficult to withstand!

Even these outstanding trial challengers from ancient martial families weren’t an exception!

“Where… are stronger monsters?”

This was the third time Lin Ming had asked this question.

The two youths felt their arms trembling. They had already confirmed that this freak Lin Ming had come to the fourth level to fight!

His main purpose here was not to seek treasures, but to fight! He was no different from a madman!

“Deep… deeper in… the deeper you venture into the fourth level, the stronger the monsters will be. In the fourth level, the deeper it is, the more lucky chances there are, but the dangers will also be correspondingly greater… in the fourth level… besides the Divine Void Crown Prince and Bigflame’s squads… there are not many other squads… that are willing to go so deep…”

The older of the two martial artists haltingly said as he pointed towards a direction. That direction he pointed in led deeper into the fourth level.


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