MW Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 – Bloodthirsty Black Dragon

This dragon-shaped black energy was able to determine and locate its true enemy!

Juku’s complexion rapidly changed and he hurriedly drew backwards. However, that Black Dragon was far too fast. Although its body was only ten feet long, it hurtled through the air like a bolt of black lightning, immediately overtaking Juku!

Juku roared out loud and took out a heavy sword from his spatial ring, slashing down at the approaching Black Dragon phantom.

Juku’s cultivation wasn’t as high as Duke Fullmoon’s, but in terms of talent he was slightly superior. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to obtain a spot in the final trial. As his heavy sword came slashing down, soul force gushed out like a tsunami.

However, that Black Dragon phantom ignored all of this. In rushed into that sea of soul force and split it apart. Not only did the Black Dragon not collapse but it instead swallowed up all of Juku’s strength!

For a time, Juku was scared out of his mind. He rapidly touched his spatial ring, taking out a black-red divine runic symbol, but, the Black Dragon phantom was far too fast. Before Juku could activate the divine runic symbol, it had already bitten him!

Chi chi chi!

The Black Dragon phantom turned...

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