MW Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697 – Black Dragon Spear

The sky was gray and dim, as if it had existed in a state of perpetual twilight since time immemorial.

Nine dark blood red suns hung high and hazy in the heavens, emitting a weak heat.

Hu - !

One side of the earth was covered with blazing hot winds. The winds spun and howled, scorching the earth black.

The ground was bare and desolate. Dark red peaks twisted in the distance within the heat, distorting like undulating flames in the wind.

On another side of the earth, there was a world wrapped in snow and ice. The forests, mountain ranges, rivers, everything was covered with ice. This was a world of ice, a cold and gloomy yin chill that permeated everything.

Burning heat and freezing cold, these two sides were clearly divided in this strange land even as they struggled with each other. It was a strange and marvelous sight.

A cutting slithering sound transmitted from deep within the fields of ice.

On the distant horizon, a silver mountain-like outline appeared. Upon a closer look, one could see that this was an incomparably massive silver python rapidly snaking over the round.

As it winded its way forwards, it smashed apart icebergs, leaving massive cracks in the ice sheets.

And standing atop this silver python’s head was the Divine Void Third Crown...

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