MW Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696 – Rudimentary Dao Palace

A terrifying strength flooded through Lin Ming’s body. Although the power of the Asura blood had fused into Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, it had yet to be thoroughly absorbed by him. Rather, it should be said that Lin Ming had only absorbed a small part of this Asura blood and there was still a tremendous amount of this energy within him that was still continuously fusing into his meridians, divine soul, and inner world.

On Lin Ming’s face and body, those mystical curse seals became deeper in color like blood flowing across his features, shimmering without end.

Lin Ming could feel that there was an incredible amount of strength within his body, so vast that he nearly couldn’t contain it and would burst apart at any moment.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

At this time, the Asura blood that had no place to vent this energy burst into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and inner world like a storm!

Although this drop of blood was originally only the size of a pearl, Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and inner world were actually swept up into a raging red sea!

Blood red waves as high as mountains engulfed the world, wildly rampaging about!

Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the blue soul battle spirit bore the brunt of this impact. It was completely sucked up in this Asura blood!

The spear-shaped battle...

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