MW Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 – Asura Blood

“Senior Asura!”

Lin Ming respectfully bowed.

In the Asura level Gate of Laws, the Black Asura’s three moves had nearly killed him. Even so, Lin Ming felt nothing but a heartfelt respect towards the Black Asura.

“Do you know what that is?”

The Black Asura asked one more time as he gazed at the drop of mystical blood floating in the void.

Lin Ming politely said, “If junior isn’t wrong, then that is a drop of blood left behind by the Asura Road Master!”

“You are a smart boy… however, that is not just a drop of blood.”

The Black Asura wasn’t surprised that Lin Ming had guessed the origin of this blood drop. Lin Ming has passed through the blue stone road and had withstood a baptism of memories from the 33 reincarnations of the Asura Road Master. If he couldn’t guess that this drop of blood was left behind by the Asura Road Master then he never would have had the qualifications to pass the Asura level Gate of Laws.

Lin Ming didn’t speak, instead waiting for the Black Asura to continue.

The Black Asura sighed and said, “He is the one who refined this drop of blood. In the past, he took a single drop of his blood essence and fused the 33 Heavenly Dao Laws into it, also integrating into it the power of his divine soul and source energy. Then, he placed it into the Eternal Divine Furnace and slowly tempered it with fires made of Laws gathered from the 33 Heavens. With each of the various Laws from the 33 Heavens he fired up this drop of blood for 10,000 years each time, using up a total of 330,000 years to refine this drop of blood…”

As the Black Asura spoke, Lin Ming was shocked. To refine a single drop of blood for 330,000 years? This was a length of time that even stunned Lin Ming.

Lin Ming asked, “The Asura Road Master used 330,000 years to refine this drop of blood?”

Lin Ming felt this unbelievable. Just what sort of peerless supreme elder was the Asura Road Master? His time was inevitably extremely precious. Although his lifespan was incalculable, spending 330,000 years on a single drop of blood as an inheritance was far too shocking.

The Black Asura shook his head. “It’s not as you think. After he placed the drop of blood into the Eternal Divine Furnace, he poured in the Laws of the 33 Heavens and then laid down a great array to maintain the fires of Laws. These 330,000 years were with it being independently refined within the Eternal Divine Furnace.”

“So that’s how it was…” Lin Ming nodded. Although the Asura Road Master had refined this drop of blood from beginning to end, the Laws, power of the divine soul, and source energy within this drop of blood originated from the Asura Road Master himself. That was an existence that surpassed the boundary of a True Divinity – just how precious were these energies? It was simply impossible to imagine!

However, the Black Asura’s explanation left Lin Ming a bit puzzled. The Black Asura had referred to the Asura Road Master as ‘he’. Lin Ming originally thought that the Black Asura was a phantom left behind by the Asura Road Master, but the way the Black Asura referenced the Asura Road Master had shut down Lin Ming’s guess.

“Senior… the way you referred to the Asura Road Master…”

Lin Ming finally couldn’t help but curiously ask. The Black Asura seemed to understand what Lin Ming wanted to know and calmly replied, “The one who refined this Asura blood is the main body of the Asura Road Avatar. He had 33 avatars, and as for me, I am but a single incarnation left behind by one of those avatars…”

“I see…”

Lin Ming was dumbfounded. The incarnation left behind by an avatar was already so powerful; it was hard to imagine just what realms the Asura Road Master’s strength had reached.

“Thank you Senior!”

Lin Ming bowed once more. Without a doubt, the reason the Black Asura remained here was in order to preside over the final trial. As for him obtaining one of the greatest lucky chances in the final trial, in a sense this was all thanks to the Black Asura.

“Take the drop of blood. This is one of the most precious rewards in the final trial…”

As the Black Asura spoke he turned around and left. His form gradually faded into the thick darkness.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and walked in front of the drop of Asura blood. With another bow of utmost respect, he began to slowly approach that drop of blood.

As Lin Ming approached the drop of Asura blood, he could feel all of his blood vitality being drawn forwards by it. The energy within his inner world was stirred up, wanting to howl outwards!

Lin Ming suppressed his restless blood vitality. Then, he stretched out both hands to grasp that drop of Asura blood!

The moment that he touched the drop of Asura blood, Lin Ming felt as if he had grasped a blazing hot sun!

A vast surge of heat transmitted out from the drop of Asura blood.

An ancient and mystical strength erupted from the drop of Asura blood, continuously rolling towards Lin Ming.

The Asura Road Master had fought his entire life – just how vast was his essence energy and blood vitality? The essence contained within a single drop of blood was like the moon and stars, stretching to the endless distance!

This drop of blood essence was incomparably heavy. When Lin Ming held it in his hands, it was like a pervasive drop of mercury, seeping into his pores and into his body!

For a time, Lin Ming’s body that was as tough as divine iron began to fill with a seemingly infinite amount of life essence energy, expanding like a balloon without end.

His flesh and blood, his skin, every cell in his body bubbled as a vast life force surged within him.

This sort of infusion continued for a long time. Lin Ming only felt as if there was magma flowing in his blood vessels!

Chi chi chi!

Lin Ming could feel his own flesh and blood being burnt beneath the tremendous strength of this blood essence!

Although the Asura blood raged like a firestorm, it didn’t resist Lin Ming absorbing it at all. Otherwise, if it wanted to swallow Lin Ming’s body instead, even if Lin Ming used every method at his disposal he still wouldn’t be able to resist against this single drop of Asura blood!


With a resonant dragon’s cry, an Azure Dragon phantom appeared behind Lin Ming. Then a keening phoenix cry echoed out in the world as a phoenix phantom also appeared behind him.

This was the dragon and phoenix bloodline within Lin Ming’s body. Summoned by the call of the Asura Road Master’s blood essence, these two bloodlines were stimulated!

Whether it was a True Dragon or True Phoenix, both were magnificent God Beasts when grown up, even comparable to Empyreans. There were some royal God Beasts with rare bloodlines, such as phoenixes that underwent nine nirvanas, that could compare with True Divinities!

But in front of the Asura Road Master, even a True Divinity was nothing at all.

Thus, this was why just a single drop of the Asura Road Master’s blood essence was able to stir up the dragon and phoenix blood within Lin Ming!

A dragon roared and a phoenix screeched through the skies. Lin Ming’s mortal body emitted explosive crackling sounds!

When all of this life essence entered Lin Ming’s body, an even more terrifying aura began to emerge from him.

This aura was similar to the Asura battle mark left behind in the drop of Asura blood, as well as some strengths of incomparably mysterious Laws!

This endless mystical power of Laws brought with it a primal and vigorous strength that fused into Lin Ming’s skin, flesh, and bones, finally even merging into the deepest depths of his soul.

On the blue stone road, Lin Ming had experienced countless battles that the Asura Road Master had gone through.

He had obtained a massive number of comprehensions.

But, these comprehensions remained obscure and hazy, like a fog he couldn’t see through. Lin Ming only comprehended a superficial amount of these experiences, and most of those Laws were like mysteries hidden in the fog; he wouldn’t be able to comprehend them for some time.

But now, the deep meaning of the Laws contained within the Asura blood, as well as a tremendous amount of combat comprehensions directly merged into Lin Ming’s body.

Many cryptic things that Lin Ming couldn’t understand began to shine in his mind, becoming clearer.

Peng –

A flaming fighting intent gushed out and Lin Ming’s entire body began to change. His face became blurry like the waves of a tumbling ocean, like he was wearing a mask of flickering flames. His hair turned blood red and his body rose up, taller and more solid.

A wild and limitlessly violent momentum burst out from his body.

Peng –

Another mystical strength shot out. Arcs of sizzling lighting wrapped around his body, turning into pitch black thunder armor that wrapped every inch of Lin Ming’s body in flashing electricity.

This power of thunder that twisted around Lin Ming carried with it the aura of life and the aura of death. Beneath Lin Ming’s feet, the ground turned to black coal even as lush green grass broke upwards, shimmering with life.

Peng, peng, peng…

A profound and fathomless strength burst out from Lin Ming’s body, and his appearance began to change once more.

It was like his body had metamorphosized, becoming like Asura from 10 billion years ago.

As each mystical strength erupted from his body, his aura, facial appearance, temperament, figure, everything would also have strange changes.

At the same time, the surrounding space of the world was influenced by these mystical strengths, distorting without end.

In his mind, a tremendous amount of combat techniques and ways of utilizing and circulating these mystical strengths began to appear within Lin Ming’s heart, rapidly increasing his strength.

This sort of strength was different from ones he had gained in the past.

His strength at this moment was a kind of comprehensive strength. For some martial artists, combat skills, experiences, use of mystic abilities, and even a fighting spirit formed from a tempered divine soul, and all of these required a long period of accumulations.

But at this time, Lin Ming had already harvested a colossal amount of accumulations.

As more and more strength erupted from his body and more and more comprehensions flowed into his mind, the mystical powers gushing out from Lin Ming’s body became increasingly potent.

Finally, his constantly changing facial appearance began to gradually condense. Even his momentum and temperament became sharper, gaining form.

Behind Lin Ming, the mystical strengths and Law runes condensed into the phantom of an Asura. This Asura phantom had three heads and six arms, grasping a weapon in each hand. Its eyes all stared in different directions, each eye revealing a strange and unusual power. Black energy, heart-freezing ice, raging plasma fire, lingering thunder…

The Asura phantom swirled in space, slowly attaching onto Lin Ming’s body. Then, mysterious curse seals began to appear on Lin Ming’s face.

These mysterious curse seals were similar to the marks that covered the face of the black-armored war god and the Black Asura; they contained the mysteries of the Asura Heavenly Dao!

At the same time, Lin Ming’s bones began to shine with runes. All sorts of mystical strengths from the heavens and earth gathered and formed armor that covered his skin. Lin Ming’s hair began to crazily grow and his joints exploded as his body grew!

Like this, Lin Ming grew half a foot higher! His muscles became denser and the outline of his body far more perfect.

After stimulating the strength of the Asura Road Master’s blood essence, Lin Ming had undergone a body metamorphosis!

“This is…”

Lin Ming looked down at his hands. His hands were covered with curse seals. The power of the Asura blood howled within Lin Ming’s body. It was like an unimaginable strength was wildly raging within his body, a strength so great that it could not be used up, wishing to be vented.


Lin Ming’s head fell back and he roared towards the heavens. His voice was like an incomparably sharp divine sword that pierced through the heavens! Because of this shout, the entire world seemed to tremble!

At this moment, Lin Ming felt as if he had been reborn!


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