MW Chapter 1692B

Chapter 1692B - The Blue Stone Road

The limitless blue stone road continued onwards.

Everytime Lin Ming stepped onto the next blue stone slab, he would see another battle of the black armored war god. The slaughters continued without end, the black armored war god becoming increasingly strong.

Lin Ming didn’t know who the black armored war god was. All he saw were the proud children of heaven from ancient races, geniuses of other universes, and primeval God Beasts, and all of these top existences got extinguished under the hands of the black armored war god.

In the frenzied battles, the fighting intent of the black armored war god, his mysterious and endless variations of martial arts, his skill in battle, everything was like waves of inspiration that Lin Ming slowly became aware of.

Like waves in a storm, all of this roiled within Lin Ming’s mind. Mysterious runes and the faint power of Laws entered into his flesh and blood, marking him.

This sort of awareness was unfathomably profound but also extremely vague.

Although he couldn’t understand these things any time soon, their influences still subtly changed him, greatly benefiting him.

He could clearly feel some unknown changes occurring within his body. The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within him were even more profound and in terms of the source of thunder and fire, he had an even deeper understanding.

Even the Purple Temple Dao Palace and Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace floating within his sea of consciousness had a vast momentum that was different from before.

Walking over the blue stone road, one step at a time, Lin Ming’s surroundings changed once more. This time, he was no longer a black armored war god, but a tall man in white clothes.

The white robed man had a red dot on his forehead. He sat beneath a hundred million year old divine tree, his body seemingly fused into his surroundings.

Verdant green ribbons of energy dangled down from the boughs of the tree, lingering around the white clothed man. All sorts of life essence were slowly being absorbed by him.

This was an extremely marvelous feeling. As Lin Ming manifested as this white clothed man, all he could feel was some strange resonance occurring between the world and his flesh and blood, as if something wanted to drill out from his body.

He closed his eyes, silently comprehending…

The next step was still the white-clothed man. This white-clothed man was different from the black armored war god. There was no endless slaughter, but endless cultivation. His method of cultivation, his comprehension of Laws, they left Lin Ming feeling entirely different things and obtain a different harvest.

For a long period of time, the memories Lin Ming experienced were all of the white-clothed man.

But afterwards. There was a change in the main lead of the memories once again. This time, the owner of the memories had become a god king wielding a golden sword!

The strength of this god king was similar to the black armored ward god. A single strike of him could sunder the heavens and shatter the earth! No one could be his enemy!

Lin Ming discovered that after every section of the blue stone road, the main lead of the memories would change. Although their auras had some similarities, their appearances were different and the Laws and cultivation methods they utilized were as different as the heavens and earth.

Many of these Laws were something that Lin Ming had never experienced before. Without a doubt, these were all various aspects of the 33 Heavenly Daos!

But who were these people?

Lin Ming was puzzled. Their strength seemed around the True Divinity level, but where had so many True Divinities come from?

Could these people all have stepped within this planet-sized immortal palace in the past?

But as soon as this thought appeared in Lin Ming’s mind, he immediately refuted it. This was because the Asura level Gate of Laws was simply far too ridiculous a trial to pass; it was a heaven-defying act to perfectly cross it. Although Lin Ming couldn’t say there had never been anyone that stepped into the immortal palace since the final trial began, he at least knew that there definitely weren’t so many outstanding proud children of the heavens born in the last 10 billion years.

Could the memories of these peerless powerhouses recorded in the blue stone road have been the followers of the Asura Road Master?

If the Asura Road Master was an existence that surpassed a True Divinity, it wasn’t strange for him to have so many True Divinities subordinate to him!

Lin Ming stepped forwards, step after step. The further he walked the taller and straighter his posture seemed to become, and his aura also became far more profound.

In the midst of all these changes, a silent and hidden strength emerged from the world, trailing around Lin Ming’s body, vaguely beating in harmony with him…

Through constantly experiencing, watching, and comprehending, Lin Ming’s steps became increasingly heavy.

At the start, Lin Ming only had some rough understandings into the memories of the blue stone road. But the further Lin Ming climbed up, the more and more insights he gained from the memories.

As all of these deductions and comprehensions passed through Lin Ming’s mind, beads of sweat began to drop down his forehead. The deeper his understandings became, the more Lin Ming realized just how unfathomably mysterious these Laws were.

Slowly, mysterious runes started to appear, swallowing in all of the secret strength that wrapped around the blue stone road. These runes shined like motes of light, little stars that slowly fled into Lin Ming’s boy, vanishing into his flesh and blood without a trace.

The more Lin Ming comprehended, the stranger his aura became. Sometimes his aura was light and as simple as clouds, like he had become one with the world. Sometimes his aura was majestic and grand, and still sometimes his aura was sad and shrill, enough to make ghosts and gods shudder.

At this time, Lin Ming arrived at the end of the blue stone road. He already stood 100,000 feet high in the sky, overlooking a boundless sea of clouds beneath him. 

As Lin Ming was about to step foot on this last blue stone slab, he was actually startled.

This blue stone slab seemed extremely special. It was clearly only 10 feet wide, but as it fell into Lin Ming’s eyes, it seemed endlessly spacious, wide to the point of being endless, nearly taking up the entirety of Lin Ming’s sight.

Up until now, the aura of this final blue stone slab was the most intense that Lin Ming had ever seen. Just by approaching it, even he felt terrified and at a complete loss for words.

Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry to step foot on the final level of the blue stone road. he guessed that the special reward the Black Asura mentioned in the Gate of Laws was likely located on this final blue stone road. Even so, Lin Ming instead decided to calm himself down. Without hastening his step to find this so-called reward, he instead sat down and began meditating.

Sitting deep in meditation, Lin Ming slowly recalled all the memories he had experienced along the way here.

As Lin Ming recalled them, his mind suddenly shook!

“I know… I finally know which True Divinity supreme elders had their memories recorded in the blue stone road!” Lin Ming whispered to himself. He should have realized this earlier. Of those memories, they had been from 33 different people, no more and no less!

This number allowed Lin Ming to immediately understand who they were.

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