MW Chapter 1692A

Chapter 1692A – The Blue Stone Road

Bones piled like mountains, while flesh and blood flew in all directions!

The black armored war god slaughtered for three days and three nights! Every opponent he faced was incomparably formidable!

The black armored war god didn’t have a single inch of unmarred skin. As he stood atop the mountain of corpses, his pupils still emitted a bright light, as if there was a brilliant flame burning deep within his soul.

Suddenly, the black armored war god let out a roar to the skies. His voice was like thunder, shaking the world. A blood red aura shot out from his body, soaring into the heavens.

On the blue stone road, Lin Ming seemed to have fallen into a nightmare.

His blood vitality tumbled and a faint blood red aura emitted from his skin. His body shivered and he immediately woke up, completely sober.

After awakening, the faint blood red aura that surrounded his body vanished into the air. But a lingering will still surrounded him, causing his heart to race.

As Lin Ming looked down, he could see he had only taken a single step on the blue stone road.

But this single step had left Lin Ming indescribably shocked. After all, whether it was the black armored war god or his enemies, all of them were unimaginable existences.

Who were they? Ancient races…?

The black armored war god was similar to the Black Asura that Lin Ming faced at the Gate of Laws. Their weapons were both dragon spears, but there were some differences in their appearances.

Lin Ming didn’t know if that black armored war god was the Asura Road Master. But he could feel that although the black armored war god was extremely powerful, he didn’t surpass the realm of a True Divinity. To compare him to the Asura Road Master was far too difficult.

As for the enemies the black armored war god faced, they were a race that Lin Ming had never seen before, nor had he read about them in any ancient texts. It was clear they were of an ancient race that once existed 10 billion years ago.

He hesitated for a moment, then took the second step forwards.

With this step, Lin Ming stepped onto another blue stone slab.

As soon as he stepped on this second one, the world around him rapidly changed once more.

Strong gales howled around him. Mighty waves crashed into the air with a raging anger.


Waves of salty sea water whipped onto his body, a bone piercing cold. The sea water all around him was deep, blood red and the air was filled with the thick taste of blood.

Thunder Hydras as large as mountain ranges were scattered throughout the sea, their giant corpses bobbing on the water’s surface, seething up and down with the waves. Thick gushes of their natural divine blood essence flowed into the sea.

In the midst of this blood, there was the faint sparkling of the power of thunder.

Thunder Hydras were an extremely powerful God Beast tribal race. In the sea, they were a nearly unrivalled existence. But now, so many of them had died.

The black armored war god grasped a pitch black dragon spear as he floated high above the sea. His body exuded a strange strength that echoed with the world around him, causing all the blood tides to stop 30 feet away from him.

In the center of the sea of Thunder Hydra corpses, there was an even more titanic Thunder Hydra. This Thunder Hydra was constantly swallowing the blood and flesh of other Thunder Hydras, fusing together with the remnant corpses.

Bolts of thunder as thick as buckets twined around this Thunder Hydra.

Its pupils shimmered with arcs of swirling electricity, like a yin yang dao diagram composed of the power of thunder. Just by looking at these strange eyes, one could feel their soul disintegrate.

These nine heads had 18 pupils that could suck in the divine souls of others. Every single eye was focused on the black armored war god that floated above the sea water.

The black armored war god’s eyes were cold and dense. As he stared at this unfathomably large Thunder Hydra, there wasn’t the slightest sign of fear on him. Rather, his chest bubbled over with a boiling fighting spirit.


The black armored war god’s vigorous figure collided with the ruler of the Thunder Hydras!

It was like two stars smashed into each other. A massive impact strength spread outwards, turning into a giant hurricane that cut open the endlessly deep sea, continuing downwards without end.

The aftermath of this strike nearly pierced through the world.

A surging strength exploded in all directions.

With this clash, the black armored war god was struck by innumerable bolts of thunder. His entire body glistened with flashing arcs of electricity.

His body was left in a frighteningly dreadful state.

But at this time, strange lines radiated in the black armored war god’s eyes.

These lines were ancient and potent, containing the faint power of thunder within them. These lines could actually swallow up the lightning that raged about the black armored war god, allowing him to comprehend the Thunder Hydra ruler’s thunder-based supernatural powers from within…

As for the Thunder Hydra ruler’s supernatural powers, they were composed of countless mystical runes that faintly resonated with one of the 33 Heavens’ Great Daos.

Placed within this sort of comprehension, Lin Ming also felt something. Within his inner world, there were faint arcs of electricity emerging from the Heretical God Tree, mysteriously hovering in the air…

This moment didn’t last too long before it disappeared. Lin Ming returned to the blue stone road and took a third step.

This scene was still that of the black armored war god. The black armored war god had met an opponent that could stand on par with him – the king of an ancient race that stood 30 feet high. The king had two eyes that shined like stars in the void. Every time he breathed, there would be substantialized runes emerging from him like floating stars. They surrounded him like spiritual beings lying prostrate around their king.

From this aura, from this momentum, one could see that this ancient king was no weaker than the black armored war god!

Suddenly, the ancient king kicked forwards. Some of the runes atop this ancient king’s hand condensed into a mountain that came crashing down atop the black armored war god.

The black armored war god’s pupils shined. With a loud roar he welcomed the mountain of runes, jumping straight into the skies to meet this threat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every strike contained a strange coordination of Laws and energy; this left a deep and novel impression on Lin Ming.

The black armored war god’s battle with the ancient king was earth-shaking and heaven-sundering.

The sea for 10,000 miles all around them surged and boiled, rapidly evaporating.

The two fiercely fought for one day and a night. Runes rushed into the black armored war god’s body, causing his muscles to blast apart and his bones to shatter.

Lin Ming could feel that the black armored war god’s blood vitality was being rapidly exhausted!

‘His opponent… is strong!” Lin Ming’s heart shook. But he knew that the black armored war god’s opponent, this king of an ancient race, had actually sustained even heavier injuries. His rock-like body seemed on the verge of collapse and his bones and muscles were exposed. These bones and muscles were like condensed runes, wrapped with the shining power of Laws and exuding a terrifying aura.

Suddenly, the ancient king’s eyes glimmered with a fantastic light. On his broken body, his entire left hand actually disintegrated. From his flesh and blood, he had brought out the strongest source runes.

As these runes appeared they glowed as bright as stars, emitting a terrifying light that spread out in all directions and rumbling towards the black armored war god.

In that instant, the black armored war god was shackled down by these strange runes, rendering his entire body immobile.


The black armored war god was suppressed by the runes and his blood was being forcefully squeezed out of his body. The blood floated in space, exuding an increasingly strong medicinal fragrance as more and more life was pressed out of the black armored war god’s body.

Lin Ming was bewildered. He didn’t think that the amazingly strong black armored war god would end up in such a dangerous situation.

However, before Lin Ming had time to respond, from the deepest depths of the black armored war god, the raging fire that was about to extinguish suddenly burst into an unimaginable conflagration, causing his soul to stir and be set aflame.

In that instant, the flesh and blood that floated in space suppressed, was pulled back into the black armored war god’s body, completely revitalizing him. With a loud roar that boomed like thunder and shook the hills, a blood red aura shot out from the black armored war god, impacting the heavens.

With a loud rumbling, a boundless life essence energy directly crushed apart all the suppressive runes.

The black armored war god shot up from the ground once more, his body surging with a mysteriously burning, hot fighting spirit.

The ancient king was panic-stricken. He hurriedly moved to defend and shoot out more runes, but all of them were swallowed up by the black armored war god.

The black armored war god’s spear strikes were like a hail of rain. Endless light blazed out, like 10,000 suns exploding together. The ancient king got covered under this assault, and in the next moment, a storm of blood rained down…

The king of an ancient race was cut down by the black armored war god.

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