MW Chapter 1692A

Chapter 1692A – The Blue Stone Road

Bones piled like mountains, while flesh and blood flew in all directions!

The black armored war god slaughtered for three days and three nights! Every opponent he faced was incomparably formidable!

The black armored war god didn’t have a single inch of unmarred skin. As he stood atop the mountain of corpses, his pupils still emitted a bright light, as if there was a brilliant flame burning deep within his soul.

Suddenly, the black armored war god let out a roar to the skies. His voice was like thunder, shaking the world. A blood red aura shot out from his body, soaring into the heavens.

On the blue stone road, Lin Ming seemed to have fallen into a nightmare.

His blood vitality tumbled and a faint blood red aura emitted from his skin. His body shivered and he immediately woke up, completely sober.

After awakening, the faint blood red aura that surrounded his body vanished into the air. But a lingering...

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